Oh Mike - can I call you Mike ? Or do you prefer Sports Pope? I think I will call you Fatcesspool for your little tirade against Mets Blog founder, Matt Cerrone earlier in the day. I couldn't believe my ears earlier when you basically maligned Matt by saying ( and I paraphrase) " he looks like a 12 year old in need of a shower , and " He Likes the way Mike Pelfrey looked last night - I'm sure that Mike Pelfrey will be happy to hear that!"Excuse me Mike but if you want to start name calling and casting aspersions about a way a person looks hows about we start with you overweight Diet Coke swilling ego-centric bully ! It is common knowledge that I am not a huge fan of Matt's site anymore since his purge of some of the more intelligent readers that made up his comment section, and I sometimes find his site redundant. But I have met Matt on a couple of occasions and he is a decent person. For you to malign him - and in essence all of us in the blogosphere is a egregious error because1. We more times than not break Mets news faster than you ever will !2. We know our Mets facts and history where as you don't!3. We have a right to our opinions whether they be optimistic, pessimistic or unrealistic !Mike if Matt's or any of the bigger Mets related blogs out there ( ours included) were considered worthless, would the Mets P.R department be sending us game notes, press releases or access to players or coaches?There was a time that I used to enjoy listening to you Mike - it was when you still had Chris Russo as your partner , because even though Chris was just as ego maniacal as you, he was able to strike a balance and the show flowed alot better. Now we hear you repeat the same thought thirty times in a twenty-five second span. I know you will never read this letter because you are so above me and you could have me bought and sold in the blink of an eye. But remember Mike that it is better to have humility. Because when your ratings dry up - And from what I have read they are slipping. You will be the one that people will be calling a washed up hack and a has been who can't even affect a good Long Island accent.My sincerest regards to you ( the old , semi morbidly obese piece of rotting hump that you are !!)Rustyjr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "Mike that fern has more personality than you do !!!"And now.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the original Mets reserve outfielder Bobby Gene Smith . He is 76 (1934) .One time reserve catcher for most of the the new millennium, and now manager of the Port St Lucie team, Mike DiFelice is 41 (1969) .Current eighth inning man - " The Beast From The East" Ryota Igarashi is 31, (1979)Sadly on this date in 2002, original Mets coach, and second ever Mets manager, Wes Westrum passed away.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher, Dick Selma on May 28, 1963.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - He once choked on Mike Francesa's Ego !!!