Today marks Oliver Perez's twenty-ninth year on this planet, and what does he have to show for it? He pitches ( cough, cough) for one of the richest teams in all of baseball. He signed a 3 year/ 36 million dollar contract last season, which makes him just a cut below the richest starting pitchers in baseball today. Lets face it he is a wealthy man ! So what do you get a wealthy man who enjoys sitting on a bench every game and doesn't care if he sees action or not? A new Porche 911? a vacation home in Aruba ? A bottle of Patron and a hand-held ps3 unit ? I would say the perfect present for him would be early retirement !! Thats right I say release his lazy ass and just pay him the 18 odd million dollars that is still owed to him and his agent Scott Boras ! Lets face it , "The Sultan Of Suckitude " will never find his old form again ( not for the Mets anyway). His 95-97 m.p.h fastball that made him an enigma has eroded to a 86-88 m.p.h junk ball that fools nobody. He is a selfish player, refusing time and time again to take a demotion so that he can try to find his mojo. And he has essentially tied Omar, Fred and Jeff's hands when it comes to roster management !! It is clear that the man has no worth to this franchise, and I doubt that any other team would be willing to trade for him or dare sign him to a major league contract. This organization has to use Oliver as an example that the team comes first and players that do not live up to their contracts will be jettisoned like yesterdays trash !!So Happy Birthday Ollie P I hope that someone gives you a birthday punch that will knock you into 2012 after your contract has expired !!And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!                                                                                                                                           "Happy Birthday Ollie P - now GO AWAY !!!" Celebrating Birthdays today:Reserve outfielder from the '67 team,Tommie Reynolds is 69(1941) .One of the most overlooked catcher in Mets history,Duffy Dyer is 55 (1945).One of the bright spots of the Mets mid '70's pitching staffs,Nino Espinosa would have been 57 today (1953) .Oliver Perez is 29 (1981) ( HACK PTOOEY !)New York Mets traded starting pitcher,Shawn Estes to the Cincinnati Reds for middle reliever extraordinaire,Pedro Feliciano, outfielders, Raul Gonzalez and Brady Clark and minor league outfielder,Elvin Andujar on August 15, 2002. Lets face it , we always had high hopes for Estes, but except for some flashes, he never panned out ( how do you miss beaning Roger Clemens ?!)New York Mets released utility-man, Eli Marrero on August 15, 2006Mo Vaughn is waiting at Citi Field to be the first in line to give Oliver Perez his birthday punches - with a Louisville Slugger !!