Well it looks like we will have to wait until the end of the World Series to find out who the next General Manager and Manager of the Mets will be , Might it be Sandy Alderson, Rich Hahn Terry Collins ? Could our next manager be Tony LaRussa, Wally Backman Bobby Valentine or some other candidate that is flying under the radar? Who knows, whoever gets the job I am sure will be the right person for the job and unless it is Al Harazin or Steve Phillips part deux then I won't complain.But there are five players on the current roster right now that I will be very annoyed if they are still on the roster come Opening Day of next season. These are players that either contributed very little for the team. Some of these players are pariahs, others tried hard but just don't make the cut for next season.So here they are The five players that should not be allowed to don a Mets uniform next season ( unless they are used for target practice).5. Manny Acosta : He has a upper '90's fastball , but what is the use if the opposing team is able to hit it consistently ?4. Mike Hessman : The " Real Life Crash Davis" , too bad he showed why he was a career minor leaguer. He made Garry Matthews Jr look clutch in comparison.3. John Maine : Everyone here knows that I love John Maine . He always went out there and tried his best. He is a very intense competitor, but he has had so made surgeries on his pitching arm that I think it wold have to take some kind of miracle for him to ever pitch effectively in the majors ever again.2. Luis Castillo: He was never the best available option for second base, He was once a speedster on the base paths , and there was a time where a infield grounder couldn't elude him . But those days are long past and he has made it known that he wants out of Flushing.And the number one player that I never want to see wearing a Mets uniform ever again  is the ever present, always oblivious Oliver Perez. Ollie we Mets fans are a very forgiving lot, but when you refused that minor league assignment to get both your head and your mechanics straightened out - well you committed career suicide with us fans.And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :  Utilityman from the '98 team, Jim Tatum, (1967)One third of Generation K ,pitcher  Bill Pulsipher is 37 (1973). Oh what could have been if he , Jason Isringhausen and Paul Wilson didn't blow their arms out.Cuban defector that proved that not all Cuban pitchers are great , Alay Soler is 31 (1979).Thw Oakland A's claimed outfielders, Matt Watson and Marcus Scutaro of the New York Mets on waivers on October 9, 2003.And Mo Vaughn is rooting for the Phillie Phanatic to die in a violent painful accident.