Lets face it , with the exception of the signing of Jason Bay. this has been a very quiet hot stove season for the New York Mets. And as I as well as my colleagues here at The Real Dirty Mets Blog can attest to, it gets damned hard to think of new angles and find original content to write about. So here are some random thoughts of mine that I figured that I would share with you . It is just so funny how people in the media , whether it is a Mike Francesa , a Joel Sherman,a Mark Malousis and a Craig Carton feel compelled to stir the pot just to get higher ratings ( or in the case of newspapers increase circulation). Case in point this whole perceived Rex Ryan " controversy" Hey Mike ! What is he supposed to say?!? Hell I think my team won't get past the first round of the playoffs !! He is trying to motivate his team so In my humble opinion , I think it's unwise to call him a clown . ( look in the mirror while gulping your Diet Coke sometime!) The other example is all the Jason Bay bashing after the press conference this past Tuesday. One columnist compared the deal with us acquiring George Foster 28 years ago. Jeez can we let the guy play one game before we compare him to one of the biggest busts this organization has ever known !?! Foster had a reputation for having a chip on his shoulder, and yes he was a top flight player on a dominant Cincinnati Reds team in the '70's, but compared to New York, the glare of the media spotlight was no where as blinding. Bay has played in a comprable market in Boston, and he had no problems being in the spotlight there . So I believe he will handle himself well here, both on the field and off the field .                                                                                                         jason bay worry the mets ...george foster                                                                                                       " It's like comparing apples to oranges !"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!.Happy Birthday wishes go out to pitcher for the '66 - '67 Mets , Ralph Terry (1936)Backup third baseman and the main player we got back in the deal that sent Richie Hebner to the Detroit Tigers, Phil Mankowski is 57 (1953). He played with the Mets from '80 - '82 but I have little recollection of him in a Mets uniform.Sadly on this day in 2009, former pitcher from the '81 team, Dave Roberts passed away at the age of 65 .He pitched in seven games that season for the Mets compiling a record of 0-3 with a E.R.A. of 9.39.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder Darren Bragg on January 9, 2001.New York Mets signed free agent catcher Joe DePastino on January 9, 2002. He would play two games as a backup in '03.And while you are watching the New York Jets pummel the Cincinnati Bengals, remember that there are just 86 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.