It is hard to believe that it has been seven days since Omar and Jerry were given their walking papers. It is harder to believe that the season ended eight days ago. It feels like an eternity since Ollie "The Sultan Of Suckitude" threw ball four to walk in the winning run for the Nationals on October third. I know that we are essentially in a holding pattern until somebody from that long impressive list of candidates is anointed the next G.M of the New York Mets. But let us face the facts, we Mets fans are known to be a rather patient lot - but sometimes we are like the kid that wakes up on Christmas morning eagerly anticipating the new gifts we are to receive.So I give you some of the questions, ideas and non-sequiturs that have been rattling through my head for the last couple of days (Those with heart conditions, pregnant women, people that are allergic to allergies or the sight of Sean Green pitching in the bottom of the ninth with a lead may want to skip this column).1.If the Wilpons, are so hard up for cash, maybe they can sell pilot for the new reality/ game show " Who Wants To Be The Mets Next General Manager?" All candidates must go through physical challenges like dealing with a Scott Boras type agent or having a jello wrestling match with Adam Rubin of . The winner gets a two year contract to be the figure head/ fall guy while trying to pull this team out of the abyss.2.If the Mets can't trade Oliver Perez and are unwilling to eat the remaining 12 million dollars on his contract, maybe we can sell him to Israeli Baseball League, telling them his name is Oliver Peres.3. Is Luis Castillo tradable ? And if so do we attempt to acquire Dan Uggla ?4. I want to see Jenrry Mejia spend at least the first three months of the season in the minor leagues before he gets a call up.5. If Sandy Alderson becomes the next general manager of the Mets do you think that Jeff Wilpon will be relegated to sit in the time out corner for the next two to four years?6. I hope that the Mets bring back Banner Day this coming season.7. And lastly - RETIRE NUMBER 17 ALREADY !!!   " The power of Mr. Met compels you !!!"And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the best morbidly obese pitcher to ever wear a Mets uniform . The Original " El Sid" Sid Fernandez (1962) . Sid was one of a kind, when he was on his game he was as dominant as anyone in the game at that time.The man with the second best mustache in Mets history, second baseman José Valentin is 41 (1969) . Valentin was one of the best influences in the Mets clubhouse in '06. He came out of nowhere to help propel the team into the playoffs. Too bad he couldn't recapture that magic in '07 - never returning after injuring his shoulder.Sadly on this date in 1989, much maligned Mets third baseman, Joe Foy lost his battle with drug addiction. Mets fans never forgave the Mets front office for trading Amos Otis for Foy, and they hated him for his lackadaisical play .New York Mets released veteran relief pitcher, Mike Marshall on October 12, 1981.New York Mets claimed utility infielder, Desi Relaford on waivers from the San Diego Padres on October 12, 2000.Mo Vaughn is holding on in quiet desperation for the 2011 season to start !