You know I was pondering that Luis Castillio for Kevin Millwood trade rumor all day yesterday and I came to a conclusion, I feel that it is a no brainer to pull the trigger on this trade but - and I stress but , only if the Mets go out and get a front-line starter whether it be John Lackey or Randy Wolf via free agency, or a Roy Oswaldt type via trade. I say this because Millwood in my opinion is more of a four or five type of starter. Yes he is a innings eater and yes he should do well in Citi Field, but his addition alone will not make this rotation that much stronger. But lets play hypotheticals here, lets say we make the trade and send "Slappy" to the land of deep dish pizza and Millwood joins our rotation, I say try to woo Lackey or Wolf and either attempt to trade Ollie Perez for someone Else's salary dump ( Carlos Lee perhaps?) or if that doesn't pan out make him the highest paid set up man in Mets history. Is this feasible? Perhaps , perhaps not only Omar and the Wilpons know for sure but at the very least I think this could be a solid game plan.                                                                                                         baseman Luis Castillo ...DEEP DISH                                                                                   "Slappy and deep dish pizza - perfect together!"And now for the INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday to Mets hitting coach from '92 - 97 -Tom McCraw (1941) Tom's tenure lasted under three Mets managers - Jeff Torborg, Dallas Green and Bobby Valentine wish I could say good things about his instructional skills but the Mets bats weren't that fierce in those days.Second baseman for the '92 team - Dick Schofield is 47(1962) He was a All Star caliber fielder and a decent hitter in his days with the Angels but he was well past his prime when he came to the Mets.Pitcher Dan " No Relation to Dale " Murray is 36 (1973) He pitched one game for the Mets in '99, and was later traded for Glendon Rusch - nuff said!New York Mets signed free agent pitcher Tom Hausman of the Milwaukee Brewers on November 21, 1977. Funny thing is while the Yankees went out to sign such big free agents such as Catfish Hunter and Reggie Jackson as their first free agents , while Hausman was the Mets first foray into free agency -( DAMN YOU M. DONALD GRANT !!)Pittsburgh Pirates signed Mets starting pitcher - Andy Hassler as a free agent on November 21, 1979.New York Mets signed free agent reserve player - Steve Bieser of the Montreal Expos on November 21, 1996.And remember - There are only 135 more mind numbing days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida at Citi Field