Well I guess we can take three things from Omar Minaya's announcement of the Met's front office decision not to fire either Jerry Manuel or his coaching staff .1. Omar, Jeff,and Fred truly feels that this past 2-9 road trip was a aberration, and are primes to go on a hot streak.2.They are have already conceded the 2010 season and don't want to pay the contracts of new and old coaches.3. They are just clueless.Honestly would any of the three scenarios that I had just listed surprised you? I do understand that caving into the mob mentality is not necessarily the best option, but to totally turn a deaf ear to the Mets fan-base could bean possible economic suicide ! I think that it is probably a given that General Jerry's job - and possibly Overlord Omar's will be terminated by seasons end ( although Omar still has two years remaining on his contract so I am dubious that he gets the axe), but what kind of hope are you selling to the fans? Last night ESPN'S Buster Onley reported that the Mets were in a " wait and see mode" when it comes to possible deals. I know Buster Onley and his ilk ( Steve Phillips, John Heyman) are more wrong than they are right, and they do express anti Mets sentiments, but you have to admit where there's smoke there is fire. Remember at the trade deadline last year, when the Mets promised to be aggressive by the trade deadline? The only body that we obtained was Jeff Francouer. The Mets excuse when they didn't try shore up the holes that were decimated by injuries were " well the Calvary will be here by August". Well August came and went , but the carnage continued - plunging the Mets to their worst record since '04. No one was held accountable - Not Omar ! Not Jerry! And who could forget the dog and pony show that occurred when Jeff , Omar and Dave Howard appeared on the Mike Francesa show to apologize to the Mets fan-base, and promising to put a championship caliber team on the field this year. I will admit that so far this season the Mets have had some great stretches, but some equally ugly prolonged periods as well. I feel that by relieving either Jerry, his coaching staff - or both of their duties might have propelled this team on another hot streak - we have seen it before ( '08,'99, etc). And don't get me wrong, I still believe that the  Mets can at the very least make a run for either the division title or a wild card berth, but the Mets just keep making it harder on itself. I just wonder what Jeff will say if he once again goes on Mike's show to apologize to the fan base? I think we will need a bigger shovel, because us fans might not believe the crap that he is trying to sell us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " Just call them the Teflon Gangsta and the Kingpin!"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Sadly on this date in 1992, Salty Parker passed away at the age of 79. He was a coach, and the third manager in Mets history . New York Mets released outfielder,Jimmy Piersall on July 27, 1963. This came the day after his running around the bases backwards while celebrating his 100th career home run. Casey Stengel was quoted afterwards as saying " There's only room for one clown around here !"New York Mets released outfielder,Cleon Jones on July 27, 1975. Cleon's skills had faded, but it was still sad to see one of the cornerstones of the '69 team go out with a whimper.New York Mets traded first baseman Mike Marshall to the Boston Red Sox for minor leaguers,Greg Hansell, Paul Williams and Ed Perozo on July 27, 1990.New York Mets traded relievers,Turk Wendell and Dennis Cook to the Philadelphia Phillies for pitcher,Bruce Chen and minor leaguer,Adam Walker on July 27, 2001. I still say that both Dennis and Turk were traded because they had critisizied the front office .New York Mets signed free agent outfielder,Carlos Gomez on July 27, 2002. The kid could field, and had great speed, but he couldn't hit his weight.Mo Vaughn has been hired by the Mets to motivate this slumping team. His payment will be all the Shake Shack and Premio sausage that he can eat for the rest of the season ( no wonder the Wilpon's are allegedly in financial ruin)!