If there is one thing that could ever be said about us Mets fans, I think the term " schizophrenic"  would sum up the mental make up of the majority of our emotionally fragile fan base. We run hot and cold. One day we laud the hiring of Sandy Alderson and how he is going to rebuild this franchise into  not just a contender - but a winner, the next day we whine that  he is not moving fast enough in terms of hiring a manager. The frustration de jour of late has been the fact the Mets probably will not import any of the sexy expensive names on the free agent market because of the lack of payroll flexibility. First off there would have been less than a 25 % shot that Cliff Lee would have signed here anyway - especially when your main competition is the financially loaded Yankees.  But yet there are many voices in Mets Nation ( oh how I hate that term!!)that insist it's because the Wilpons are cheap and that Sandy Alderson is just their puppet, and that it will just be business as usual for this organization . I say that this segment of the Mets universe need a serious enema !!First off if they listened with their ears and not with their heinies they would have heard Alderson say that they would be vigilant in the free agent market , they just don't have the flexibility to sign aging players to long , expensive  contracts. No where did he say that they were shunning the free agent market all together and next years team will look almost exactly like this past years !!  The Mets can still attempt to sign a Ramon Hernandez to back up Josh Thole if he isn't traded . He can pursue either a Orlando Hudson or a Adam Kennedy to plug up the hole at second base if Luis Castillo is either released or traded.  I am sure either Edgar Renteria or Ty Wiggington can be had  for a decent price to shore up the bench and There are good low cost starting pitchers on the market such as john Garland,Javier Vazquez or Brandon Webb on the market that can hold down the fort just in case Johan is out for most of the season. Add Jose Contreras to the bullpen as the eighth inning man and this team looks a bit more competitive. Are these the marquee names that we are pining for ? The answer is no - but we have to wait at least one season before the sins of Omar can be erased from the payroll ledger and Alderson's plan can be totally implemented. I feel as is this team we have righ now is a slightly better than .500 team. With a few minor tweaks I believe they can win closer to '87-'89 games. But we have to be patient and see how the hot stove shakes out.And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!! Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today are :Mike Vail, the rookie phenom from the '75 season is 59 (1951). Vail led the Mets that year with a .302 batting average and was on the verge of being their next superstar outfielder. But he broke his foot during a freak basketball accident, and he never put up anything close to those numbers again . The man who  single handily rebuilt the organization in the early part of the last decade - only to see it implode on his watch, former general manager, Omar Minaya is 52  (1958).Reserve infielder  from the'92 team, Junior Noboa is 46 (1964).The " Gambler" Kenny Rogers is 46 (1964). It still pains me to utter his name because of him walking in the the winning run of the seventh game of the NLCDS in 1999.Butch Huskey , the one time  highly touted power hitting prospect  is 39 today (1971). He tore the cover off the ball when he was recalled by the Mets in ''96 hitting 13 homers in 414 at bats , unfortunately he was a feast or famine hitter who in five seasons with the Mets had 55 homer runs and a batting average of .264.The " Hebrew Hammer "- Shawn Green is 38 (1972).New York Mets signed free agent outfielder, Carlos Mendoza on November 10, 1992. He would make his major league debut five years later.Atlanta Braves signed all glove - no bat outfielder, Esix Snead of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 10, 2004.Japanese pitching import, Shingo Takatsu was granted free agency on November 10, 2005.Mo Vaughn is still running the New York City Marathon . He just stopped into Juniors for a slice of cheesecake !