"He did pause, though to say that his son, Jeff , the Mets chief operating officer, is doing a "excellent" job, and seemed to back Omar Minaya by responding to a question about the general manager."- Fred Wilpon as per Daily News sportswriter, Matt Ehalt.First off let me preface it by saying that I am only going by the perception that the media paints Jeff Wilpon. I do not know Jeff Wilpon personally, so I do not know what goes through his mind and how he approaches the way he helps to run the Mets day to day operations.That being said, I have to ask what I think is a simple question. Should the child of a corporate magnet be made the C.O.O of his parents business? I honestly think that the answer is no, especially when it comes to the New York Mets. First and foremost I have to say that the reporter that asked Fred that question must have had his head up his ass. What father in his right mind would say to reporter - " No I think my son has done a piss poor job of running the crown jewel of my empire?The reporter asked a valid question, but to the wrong person. I do believe that Jeff is a self made man, who worked his way through the ranks of Sterling Equities to be where he is. The problem is that in my opinion, Jeff has no accountability in the eyes of his father. I mean what father wants to admit that his son ( who was groomed for the position) is not making the best decisions for his company? Can or will Fred relieve Jeff from his duties if the Mets end up in a situation in where the Mets hit true rock bottom like they did during that six year stretch from '77- '83? And this doesn't just hold true with the Mets. Look at James Dolan with MSG, or Peter Angelos's sons down in Baltimore - they have driven once respectable franchises ( Orioles, New York Rangers, New York Knicks) into deep abysses that they have yet to climb out of.I hate to say this but the Yankees got this right also. Although Hank and Hal Steinbrenner do have a say in the day to day goings on while their father George was still alive, C.O.O Lonn Trost and team president , Randy Levine along with general manager, Brian Cashman, are the ones that ultimately are the ones in charge. We know that neither Trost, Levine nor Cashman would think twice about ridding the contracts of either Olivier " The Sultan Of Suckitude" Perez or Luis " Slappy" Castillo.Look I have no vendetta against Jeff Wilpon, he does alot to help the less fortunate of New York, but with that being said I feel that if the Mets will ever gain a credibility again. Jeff will have to move into a hands off role, and he along with Fred must hire a expirenced baseball man who can right this ship, because lets face it folks if the Mets come back from this road-trip at 2-4 or worse - it's going to be very quiet come mid August in Flushing. And Jeff Wilpon along with his father Fred should shoulder alot of the blame.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " You are a good man Jeff - I just don't believe you should be running the Mets ."  And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Today would have been original Mets middle reliever, Clem Labine's 84th birthday (1926) .It would also have been original Mets pitcher, Herb Moford's 82nd birthday (1928) .One of the most hated mets of the past decade, pitcher, Victor" Fixed In Fifteen Minutes" Zambrano is 35 (1975) .Sadly on this date in 1993, original Mets pitcher, Bob Miller passed away.New York Mets purchased pitcher,Ralph Terry from the Kansas City Athletics on August 6, 1966.New York Mets traded minor league infielder, Greg Veloz to the Washington Nationals for back up shortstop, Anderson Hernandez on August 6, 2009. Lets face it, Anderson replacing the injured Jose Reyes was like putting a band aid on a severed arm - it wont stop the bleeding !!!And last night after the Brooklyn Cyclones game, Mo Vaughn got into a fist-fight with former MLB star , Greg Vaughn when Mo claimed that Greg's son, Corey was in fact his child !