First off I have to congratulate the San Francisco Giants for winning their first World Series Title in 56 years when they will still the intellectual property of the residents of the state of New York. I admit that I figured that the Texas Rangers with their anchored pitching staff led by Cliff Lee along with their dangerous hitting that was spearheaded by Josh Hamilton would have defeated the weak hitting Giants in five games. Well as with the 99 % of everything else I predict - I was wrong.I really hope that Sandy Alderson has been watching this World Series- especially how the Giants were put together because I think that he could base next years Mets roster on the success of this years San Francisco team.First off the Giants general manager, Brian Sabean constructed the foundation of this team with quality starting pitching. When you rotation consists of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez, rookie sensation Madison Bumgarner and a faded Barry Zito as your fifth man - thats a rotation that will not give up many earned runs.The other thing that Sabean did was tailor his team to the wide expanses of A.T&T Ballpark. As we know just like Citi Field, the Giants ballpark is not a haven for home runs. If you are going to score you will need gap  hitters, and when you look at the Giants roster they are littered with them. From Juan Uribe to Aubry Huff and Aaron Rowand,this team can score runs with singles and extra base hits plus dont forget the power bat from rookie sensation Buster Posey.It is funny how a team that consists of other teams flotsam and jetsam ( Cody Ross, Pat Burrell,Aubry Huff) could actually come together and gel as a teamto capture the World Series title. I give credit to the Giants manager Bruce Bochey. Bochy . Bochy is a skilled stratagist and a very good motivator. He took a team that everyone thought would have been eliminated by the Braves in the first round and pushed all the right buttons to get them to the top of the baseball world.I see the Mets as almost the same kind of team, except with better hitting. If Alderson can shore up the pitching with inexpensive - but effective starting pitching , find a way to keep the roster healthy and hire a manager who is more like a field general than a stand up comic with a speech impediment. Then I think that the Mets can turn their ship around alot sooner than later.And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Today would have been the 90th birthday for former Mets coach, Dick Sisler (1920).Relief pitcher from '67-'68, Bill Connors is 69 (1941).Back up first baseman for the '85 Mets, Tom Paciorek is 64 (1946).Starting pitcher from the '81 season, Greg Harris is 55(1955). He would later be they key piece in the trade that netted us George FosterSadly on this date in '97 , fone time Mets second baseman who would go on to both coach and manager the Mets, Roy McMillan passed away.Today is the day that every Mets fan rejoiced in '04 - Mo Vaughn was granted free agency six years ago today !!