Except for the fact that all position players were mandated to arrive to Tradition Field, yesterday was a rather slow day in Mets camp . But there was a slight piece of Metscentric news yesterday regarding a Mets player from yesteryear. You see Mike " The Fat Man" Francesa had on James S. Hirsch, who was with him via phone to discuss his new book called Willie Mays - The Life, The Legend. And of course Mike being a man of ulterior motives - read Mickey Mantle acolyte first , New York Yankee fan second went on to make the bulk of the  interview about the Mantle - Mays " rivalry". It seemed every sentence that came out of Francesa's egocentric brain was meant to malign Mays' achievements since he is regarded as the " best ever player to play the game" and Mike made his obvious disagreement a front and center issue. The thing that truly amazed me was when Mike ( being the authority that he is) said that he had " heard stories that Mays was not a nice guys at autograph signings and he didn't make himself accessible to the press" , which you can tell rankled Mr. Hirsch who nicely retorted ( when you could tell he wanted to rip Mike a new asshole) that the man is in his late '70's, this is a job and that it is hard for him to make small talk, he bends over backwards for children and he doesn't trust the media .It is funny , I always thought that when Mike had guests to interview ( except for Mets brass or players) he usually conducts first rate interviews. Yesterday his obvious bias made him look like a petty child who was trying hard to debate the merits of a great baseball player ( Mantle) while trying to malign another ( Mays) , It's like trying to argue who was the better god Zeus or Jupiter - both were the top gods for two cultures, and both have meaning to their respective worshipers. I felt that this was a genuine " The Emperor Has No Clothes moment for Mr. Francesa, because he could have done a straightforward interview, keeping his opinions at a minimum but he just had to get his digs in - especially when Willie was a Met and on the down side of his illustrious career. I just wish Chris Russo was there to give a  the Giants fan perspective  of Mays - but unfortunately he is long gone and the Mikes ego escaped it's cage !  I found myself yelling at my car radio saying - WHAT THE HELL DOES MANTLE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS BOOK !!! But alas Mike is the host of his top rated talk show and like the out of touch celebrity that he is , his word means more than facts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       " Hey Mike ! - It's not always about your opinion  !!"And on that note - HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to one of the most underrated pitchers in Mets history, Ed Lynch (1956) . "Lynchie" was one of the versatile pitchers the Mets ever had. He had success as both a starter,long man and in middle relief. In '85 he actually started out going 10-0 before getting his first loss.New York Mets purchased third baseman, Luis Alvarado from the Detroit Tigers on February 25, 1977.He would only play in one game for the Mets in '77 before fading into obscurity.And before you psyche yourself up for tonites hot-stove report on SNY , just remember that there are only39 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.