Last night I was hoping against hope that John Maine could find the fire in his belly and morph back to the pitcher that at one time had been considered a potential Cy Young award candidate. Well for all of you that didn't stay up for the game yesterday, last night was not that night . No, unfortunately was doing his best Mike   Torrez impersonation, giving up eight runs in 3 innings of work in what would eventually be a Rockies 11-3 rout of the Mets. The question lies is is there something wrong with Maine, whether it is physically or psychologically - or both? Once again John looked erratic. His fastball barely topped 90 m.p.h and his off speed pitches were nowhere close to being deceptive. in between pitches (and giving up hits) Maine looked unwound. He was jittery, sweating profusely and just all around uncomfortable. We all know that John has the reputation of being too hard on himself, but last night looked as if he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I wondered out loud last night if John has anymore minor league options left on his contract. If so I do believe that for the sake of the team - as well as his career he should be sent down to Buffalo like Steve Traschel did in '00 to work on his mechanics and try to find himself. Do you agree or disagree ? And by the way doesn't Jerry have his best "feets don't fails me now"  look on his face during last nights press conference?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " John is no  longer the " Maine" man !"And with that said ...... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to in my opinion, one of the better pitchers to come out of the dark times that spanned from '77-'83, Mark " Bombs Away" Bomback (1953) In his brief Mets career that was solely the '80 season, Mark compiled a decent 10-8 record with what at that time would be considered bloated e.r.a of 4.09. Mark was also known for his proficiency for giving up the long ball. New York Mets sold Brooklyn Dodger legend Duke Snider to the San Francisco Giants on April 14, 1964.New York Mets released all around dumb-ass pitcher, Grant Roberts on April 14, 2005. Who could forget the infamous picture taken by that mentally unstable baseball groupie which showed Grant toking on a bong pipe ( look I am all for legalizing it , but don't be stupid enough to get yourself black mailed for it!). Grant also reportedly tested positive for steroids which led the Mets to release him from his contract.And the Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - He is reading " Managing Base Ball for Dummies"> He figured if Jerry Manuel could get a job managing , why can't he ?!Tonight Jonathan Neise is scheduled to pitch against the Colorado Rockies , so hopefully we can right the ship tonight !