Good morning my friends. And do you know what is significant about today? No ? Well today is the twenty third anniversary of our beloved New York Mets WINNING OUR SECOND ( and so far last !) WORLD SERIES TITLE !! Okay for those of you that didn't know this it is time to turn in you Mets fan membership card !!! I remember this day fondly. I was a freshman in Vernon Township High School in Vernon New Jersey, and I came home from school both happy and nervous about the coming game that night . My father who was also a major Mets fan ( he auditioned for the team during their open try outs in '61) let me stay up late for every game and even though our relationship right now is non-existent, I do thank him for it. All I know is the feeling of dread when the Boston Red Sox came out of the gate and scored three runs off of a tired Ron Darling. But obviously my my dread was short lived because the Mets clawed their way back against pitcher Bruce Hurst and eventually we won 6-5. but still I can remember vividly Jesse Orosco striking Marty Barrett out to win the World Series !! I remember the pile up on the mound !!! I remember the celebration in the clubhouse !!! I remember the jubilation !!! I wished I was there !!!! Thanks for the memories guys - it was one of the happiest moments of my misspent youth.                                                                                                                                                                             Reliever Jesse Orosco and ...  And now onto the INFAMY !!!First off my warmest birthday greetings go out to a friend of all Mets fans - the man who I always felt was the tenth man on the team even though he never had an at bat for our club - announcer Ralph Kiner (1922) .Third baseman for the '63 team - Pumpsie Green is 76 (1933)Awful reserve outfielder for the '78 & '79 team - Gil Flores is 57  (1952)One time catching coach and now Mets minor league manager -Tom Nieto is 49 (1960)Top pitching prospect -   Jon Niese is 23 (1986). Yup he was born on the day of our last world series   ( hopefully its a omen !!) Get well soon Jon - we might need you badly this season !!!New York Mets released one time   closer for the Milwaukee Brewers - Bob McClure on October 27, 1988.And remember to look back today with fondness and just know our time will come again sometime really soon ( hopefully !)   And also remember there are only 160 more games until the Mets host the Florida Marlins on Opening Day at Citi Field