Well before I begin let me ask a quick question. When Oliver Perez was brought in during the bottom of the twelfth inning yesterday , how many of you thought he would blow the game? It's ok raise your hands, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. OK so he didn't blow in that situation but lo and behold in the bottom of the thirteenth he serves up that meatball to James Loney to give the Mets their league leading twelfth walk off loss of the year, now   in third place behind both the Braves and the Phillies. But you know something ? This isn't just Oliver Perez's fault, this failure is organization wide. First off we must blame the defense for not taking advantage of getting players in scoring position home. That is compounded by Jerry Manuel's deficiency of in game managing. I mean when Josh Thole reached base in the eighth inning ( I think) why have Jose Reyes - who up to that point was 2-4 and can handle a bat sacrifice Thole to second base? I mean since when has Luis Castillo been a r.b.i threat ? And why would Jerry - Rod Barajas took himself out of the game insert slower than a snail with a jet-pack , Henry Blanco pinch run when you still have Josh Thole on the bench, who is more of a threat at the plate? I'm sorry , but even when Mets were winning throughout much of June, Jerry made many head scratching moves. And honestly , I think Jerry intentionally lost the game yesterday. That's right I said it !! I believe he left Oliver Perez in to prove a point to the front office that he is being made to play Oliver , who let's face it , with his 88 m.p.h fastball is more like Frank Tanana of '92 than Rick Reed of '00 ! Oliver Perez has as much right being on this roster right now as I do , especially when the have possible better ball players such as a Eddie Kunz or a Pat Misch - Hell even a Brian Bruney would be better solution at this point !! But lets face it, the 20 million or so million dollars left on Ollie's contract hangs like the dead albatross around the both Omar and Jerry's neck like the old poem " The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" ,and it weighs impedes Omar's ability to take on players that would add to much to the payroll, and instead might sink this ship that is the 2010 season !                                                                                                                                                                                                                    " No Ollie - you're supposed to throw the ball towards home plate - not in the air !!!"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to our go to closer from '96- '07, Billy Wagner (1971). Billy might not have lived up to our high expectation as a closer, but he always was there after a blown save to take the blame , and he wasn't afraid to voice his opinions about how the team was playing. Best wishes on your retirement at seasons end !One time dominant closer, headhunter, and best known as the guy Omar signed a two year contract for- after he was suspended for steroid use ,Guillermo Mota is 37 (1973).New York Mets traded outfielders,Terrence Long and Leo Vasquez to the Oakland Athletics for pitcher, Kenny " The Coward Of the County" Rogers on July 25, 1999. Ahh Kenny Rogers, us Mets fans still don't forgive him for blowing game 7 of the NLDS in 199 by walking in the tying run !!Mo Vaughn was found alive within the muck of the Labrea Tar-pits. He subsisted on eating flying insects and drinking rainwater.