This has been a season of a few amazingly high moments and way to many disappointingly low moments, but there have been some surprises - some good and some bad. Yes this team has had a few weeks when it seemed like they were unbeatable and way too many weeks when it seemed like the Bad News Bears could sweep them in a four game series - Hell I'd even wager money that Rudi Stein could strike out David Wright on three pitches. Yes we have seen some dramatic moments such as the twenty inning game against the St Louis Cardinals back in May or the one hitters by Jon Niese, R.A Dickey and Johan Santana. And we have seen some of the worst baseball played since ... well ... last summer , such as the Hall of Fame game against the Diamondbacks or when the Phillies roughed up Mike Pelfrey on back to back days.But there have been many surprises too.Did anybody think that R.A Dickey was going to end up being the backbone to this pitching staff ? Could anyone have foreseen Jason Bay totally falling off the cliff with his homerun output this season? Did anyone think we would have a full fledged youth movement by September ? I guess that the few things that shouldn't surprise us is that Ollie Perez is still on the team, we are fighting for third place and that Jerry Manuel should be out of a job come October fourth.             " The biggest surprise of the season ?"  And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating birthdays are:First base man from the '00 National League Championship team, Todd Zeile is 45 (1965) . Many readers know that I was not happy when the Mets signed him back in '00 ( I preferred re-signing Olerud ), But Todd did play well that season for the Mets.The ace of the '00 staff, Mike Hampton is 38 (1972)I know many Mets fans still harbor resentment at him for bolting for the money and the " Colorado School Districts", but I also blame Steve Phillips for not going all out to sign Hampton, who brought a fire to that '00 team.One of the many pitchers that we have imported over the years, Kaz Ishii is 37 (1973) .Sadly on this date, original Met, Richie Ashburn passed away (1997) Richie was the first Met ever to play in a All Star Game.New York Mets purchased reserve outfielder, Jim Gosger from the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 9, 1969.New York Mets released outfielder, Darren Reed on September 9, 1993.And Mo Vaughn has decided to sue both the Mets and Modells Sporting Goods for their use of the term The " Mo Zone" at Citi Field. He said that the true " Mo Zone " is his refrigerator !!!And dont forget - there are only 22 more games until Jerry Manuel gets the axe !!!