Well the Mets did something that yesterday that they didn't do until the last game of last season. They won their Seventith game. In the scheme of things it is not a big deal. The Mets are fighting their way out of fourth place while trying to end the season either at or above .500. As it currently stands the Mets are 70-72 with twenty games remaining to the season, so it is possible for this team to go 11-9 to finish up the season. But no matter how you slice it , Jerry Manuel will be on the unemployment line come October fourth - And he knows it !It is obvious that Jerry has resigned himself to the fact that he will be done as Mets manager very shortly. His demeanor during pregame and post-game interviews are very laid back and solemn , where as he once was animated and vibrant. When you look at the line ups that he has assembled in the last few weeks it looks as if he has made lineups by throwing darts at a bord with players names on it.It is funny but Jerry since the All Star Break looks as if he has aged at least thirty years. His goatee has turned all white , his hairline receded a bit and he looks tired. The blame for this season shouldn't totally fall on Jerry's shoulders, there is alot of blame to go around - from ownership to the front office . From the coaching staff to the players themselves. They all are to blame for this let down of a season. But Jerry is the skipper of this rusted out schooner and he will go down with this ship as all dedicated skippers do. I think it has been obvious to all that Jerry had lost the hearts and minds of this clubhouse for a while now, but I think that yesterdays incident between him and Mike Pelfrey pretty much hammered home that point. Maybe I am looking to deep into this but when your pitcher won't even acknowledge you while you are making a pitching change. Well then you know it's time to go.And after today there will be only 19 games until Jerry Manuel will become the ex manager of the New York Mets.       And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating birthdays are:One of the most reviled players to even don a Mets uniform , Mickey Lolich (1940) . Mickey was brought over in a trade that sent Rusty Staub to the Detroit Tigers. It was bad enough that he was traded for a beloved player, but when he didn't even live up to his once dominant numbers, Met fans were obviously upset. He retired after the season ended so he didn't have to play for the Mets , but he would make a comeback with the San Diego Padres two years later.Reserve infielder for the '80 team,Mario Ramirez is 53(1957) .Back up outfielder from the '90 team, Keith Hughes is 47 (1963) .Reserve infielder from the '93 team,Tito Navarro is 40 (1970) .And our soon to be former second baseman ( hopefully), "Senor Slappy" himself - Luis Castillo is 35 ( going on 50) (1975) .It is official !!! Mo Vaughn has thrown his hat in the ring for the managing job - The managing job for the Shake Shack !!