First off for those of you who stayed up past the witching hour to see the Mets beat the Houston Astros 3-2 in fourteen innings I both salute and pity you ! I admit that I turned off the television after R.A Dickey's knuckler was sent into the right field stands by the light hitting Geoff Blum to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. I figured that the end was near and hell I might as well save myself the aggravation of watching my team lose yet again in extra innings. Thankfully the bullpen was lights out for the next 5 2/3 innings but lets face it , unless this team starts running winning almost all of their remaining series, this team is at best a slightly better than .500 team.If you were listening to WFAN yesterday afternoon, you more than likely heard what could quite possibly be considered the most uncomfortable and awkward Jerry Manuel interview ever, and I commend Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno for asking the tough question that the Mets fans want the answers to. Lets face it, it's safe to say that Jerry Manuel will not be managing this team next year as it would be correct to say that the sun ( barring a cataclysmic super nova) will come out tomorrow ( take that Fred !!).I believe that Jerry knows that his tenure as Mets manager is at a end. You can hear the dejection is his voice now. The desperation to win has turned into apathy. Let us face the facts over here, when you freely admit - whether is was meant in jest or not , you don't EVER say that you are thinking of filling out the roster card by pulling names out of a hat ! Another thing that was off putting was when he was questioned about knowing about Frankie Rodriguez's thumb injury and he made some incoherent rambling about slipping. Uh Jerry I'm sure Omar as well as the front office is trying to make a case about voiding K-Rod"s contract - don't give the defense any ammunition that could hurt the team that you are still at this moment employed with !I do give Jerry credit for actually still doing these interviews. I know that he is bound to contractually but remember Bobby Valentine did when he couldn't stand the condescending line of questioning by Mike Francesa and Chris " The Angry Puppy" Russo. At least Jerry was being asked tough question by actual Mets fans ( Joe and Evan) , Francesa usually throws Jerry softballs and treats him like he's the mentally disabled kid from down the street. In the middle of the '08 season, Jerry Manuel was in the right place at the right time. He inherited a team that was playing way to tight while their then manager Willie Randolph had his feet to the coals and his job on the line. Jerry stepped in and turned a tense underachieving team into a team that barely missed the playoffs by one game. But '09 we saw what Jerry really was - a nice guy who when given a offensive and defensively sound team can win ( as he did with the White Sox), but when it comes down to his in game managing - well he's more Jeff Torborg than he is Joe Torre.So lets face it Jerry's time is almost up , but I hope that he is able to squeeze as many wins out of this team to finish .500 or better. Now that would be an Amazin' feat !!                                                                                  " They shoot soon to be ex managers don't they?" And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating Birthdays today are:Utility man from '75-'77,Mike Phillips is 60 today (1950).One of the best pitchers in Mets history, Ron Darling is damn can you believe it - 50 today (1960) ! Ron was the king of the no-decision during his tenure with the Mets. He is now a well respected color commenter/ studio analyst for the SNY Mets broadcasts.One of the better utility-men in Mets history- Kurt Russell's nephew, Matt Franco is 41 (1969) . Who could ever forget that big hit he had off of Mariano Rivera during the subway series !Former spot starter/middle reliever, Jeff Tam is 40 (1970).New York Mets sold middle reliever, Wayne Twitchell to the Seattle Mariners on August 19, 1979.New York Mets signed free agent reliever,Mike Marshall on August 19, 1981.Little known fact - Mo Vaughn was a founding member of the Fat Boys rap group !