Well there are all but four days until Opening Day on Monday and the roster has yet to be unsettled , With Daniel Murphy out for 2- 4 weeks witha sprained MCL ligament and the starting rotation that has been less than impressive coupled with the news that Jose Reyes will not start on Opening Day it easy to understand why many Metsf ans are well - depressed with the onset of the season. Look I have been a Mets fan since birth. I have lived thought the good times ( 73-76) the dark times ( '77-'83) the rebirth of this franchise ( "84-'90) to the rebuilding years where you saw dames such as Dallas Green, Carlos Baerga, and Pete Shoureck. I have seen us go back into World Series ('00) only to quickly slip back into futility , but as quickly as that futility set in we once again fielded a team that everyone thought was a team of destiny ("06) . But we know how that season along with the last three ended. But the point here is that a game has yet to be played. And yesterday it was announced that Philadelphia Phillies reliever Brad Lidge will be out for the start of the season with a balky elbow, and starting pitcher Joe Blanton is suffering from a strained oblique. That sidelines two of their better pitchers, which can make them fall back to Earthin terms of depth.Lets look at this with clear eyes right now. David Wright is mashing the ball already. Jason Bay is looking like he is already in mid season form cracking his third home run in as many days yesterday. All the bullpen candidates that pitched yesterday looked dominant and Carlos Beltran is on target for mid May. But the important thing is our spark-plug, Jose Reyes is due to be back in the Mets line up on Saturday, April 10 which is alot better than seeing him make his 2010 debut on May 25th. And Remember, The '86 Mets started the season 2-3 and look where they ended up - WINNING THE WHOLE ENCHILADA !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tony   Robbins sez - " Ya Gotta Believe !!!"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the family of former Mets bullpen coach,Vern Hoscheit. (1922) He would have been 88 today.One of the earliest Mets superstars Rod " Hot Rod " Kanehl would have been 76 today. (1934)One of the all time fan favorites - and my dad ! ( hey I can dream!) Rusty Staub is 66. (1944)The poster child for the futility that was the late '70's Mets -Willie Montanez is 62 . (1948)Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Murphy. (1985) GET WELL SOON !!New York Mets purchased Duke " The Dook Of Flatbush " Snider from the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 1, 1963. He was way past his prime but he helped pack the fans into the Polo Grounds that year.New York Mets traded outfielder,Danny Napoleon and utility infielder, Ed Bressoud to the St. Louis Cardinals for prospects,Jerry Buchek, Art Mahaffey and Tony Martinez on April 1, 1967.New York Mets released outfielder, first baseman, Bruce Boisclair on April 1, 1980.In what was a very much maligned deal , New York Mets traded Lee Mazzilli to the Texas Rangers for Ron Darling and Walt Terrell on April 1, 1982. Lee was a fading star, but the fans were upset that he was traded for a couple of unknown minor leaguers. But thankfully Frank Cashen had the foresight to make this deal .New York Mets traded utility infielder, Tucker Ashford to the Kansas City Royals for pitcher, Tom Edens on April 1, 1984.New York Mets released fork-balling pitcher, Tom Gorman on April 1, 1986.New York Mets traded catcher, ( and future Blue Jays manager) John Gibbons to the Los Angeles Dodgers for utility infielder Craig Shipley on April 1, 1988.New York Mets released back up catcher Kelly Stinnett on April 1, 2005.Seattle Mariners claimed back up shortstop, Wilson Valdez of the New York Mets on waivers on April 1, 2005.Wilson would return to the Mets last season an one of the many replacements for the injured Jose Reyes.And don't forget , there are just 4 Lenny Dykstra days ( remember him for what he was - not what he's become)until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.