I guess that is ironic that just before the whole Frankie Rodriguez thumb injury story broke, my tweeps and I ( I guess thats grammatically correct) were shooting off quotes from the "Rocky" movies. But in between my spouting lines of a fictional Philadelphia icon I was asking Mets beat writers Steve Popper of the Bergen Record and Kevin Kernan of the New York Post about their opinions of Omar Minaya's future with the Mets.Kevin Kernan believes that Jerry Manuel will definitely be gone come seasons end, and that Omar will be reassigned within the organization. When I asked him if he thought that the Mets would name John Ricco - aka Al Harazin Jr as his successor or go out of the organization to bring in a Kevin Towers or The Texas Rangers G.M John Daniels. Kernan only responded that he didn't think so . So I guess take it as you will.Steve Popper a little less subtle when I posed the same question to him. " I would bet - no money in budget for players, much less G.M."So there you have it , two respected journalists in the know when it comes to the Mets with two different opinions. So what does this mean? Well in my own opinion I have to agree with Kernan, I believe - especially now in the wake of this current fiasco with K-ROD that Omar will be under even more scrutiny. If the Mets can't get Rodriguez's contract voided Omar will face alot of blow back from the media, the fan base as well as ownership. K-ROD is owed a whole lotta moolah next year and if he reaches the easily attainable incentive that Omar agreed to in that over inflated three year contract that will guarantee him a fourth year at another 17 million, well I think nobody in Metsville - except maybe Mr. Rodriguez will not be happy.I feel Omar will stay in the organization in some capacity until the balance of his contract expires, but I think it would be a mistake to make Ricco his replacement. Ricco like former Mets G.M., Al Harazin is a bean counter who sole concern is the bottom line. I don't know Ricco from Adam but I am not sure that he is - or can be creative enough to be a respected G.M. The Mets are going through a time where the are perceived as having no credibility, and promoting Ricco would reinforce that. I honestly feel that this team should go after A John Daniels - who has a escape clause in his Rangers contract, or Towers who is working as a consultant for the Yankees since leaving the San Diego Padres in '08. All I know is that this team for the second straight season has slipped into obscurity, and ownership has to take preventive measures to make sure that this doesn't ever happen again !!                                                                                                                                                              " The end is near ?!?"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Birthday wishes go out to possibly the most overlooked closer in Mets history, Skip Lockwood (1946) .New York Mets traded back up catcher,Tom Wilson to the Los Angeles Dodgers for minor league catcher,Tony Socarras on August 17, 2004.New York Mets traded utility infielder,Anderson Hernandez to the Washington Nationals for middle reliever, Luis Ayala on August 17, 2008. Ayala was supposed to be the answer to the leaky pen of '08 , and he started out strong for the Mets. But as we all know he as well as the rest of the bullpen that year became largely ineffective by September.And if you are in the Houston City Limits be warned - Mo Vaughn ate his weight in re-fried beans and chimichangas last night while watching the Mets beat the Houston Astros by the score of 3-1.