First of I have to say yesterday was my first Opening Day that I ever attended and I had a blast. First off I met up with marathoner Sharon Chapman and her family, she's running for the Tug Mcgraw foundation. To donate for her worthy cause please click here .I then Met up with author, and Mets fan since '62,  Dana Brand and we headed for the   Mets Police meet-up by the newly moved Home Run Apple.  We met Shannon and Dan from  www.MetsPolice.comalong with On the Black blogger Kerel Cooper and the optimistic Mets fan ( and fellow TRDMB  contributor) Ceetar. We toured the newly constructed Mets Museum and Hall of Fame, and  it was perfect in all aspects  . While perusing the adjacent team store , Shannon and I saw a rare Jeff Wilpon sighting ( he came through his secret entrance ala Dr. Evil)The pre game ceremonies were excellent as was seeing the Mets clobber their seemingly invincible foe, Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson, via a great pitching performance by Johan along with a psyche soothing home-run by David Wright.But I must admit that I have a bone to pick. It is not with ownership or the front office, nor does it have to do with Jerry's managerial decisions . I have a bone to pick with the fans that came to Citi Field and were overtly negative, booing Ray Ramirez and his training staff, players, Sean Green, Oliver Perez and manager   Jerry Manuel. Look I am not a General Jerry supporter either and I disagreed with the Olilie Perez re-signing last year as I was scratching my head why Sean Green made the 25 man roster this year. But you know what ? These are the guys that are going to be on the team for the next six months for all intensive purposes, and to get on their cases before the season is to start is just wrong. It upsets the fragile psyche that is Perez, who is unfortunately a important cog to this rotation, and you know what ? It does make the players feel they have no home team advantage. I know the rational is " I paid good money for my ticket , and I have every right to boo !" and that is true but you know something , why don't you wait a month or two once the players have had enough time to show if they are going to excel or suck turds. I mean does it have to happen before the first pitch of the season is even thrown? Think about it ..."PLAY BALL !!!!!! "And with that said...... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to back up third baseman from the  "64 team,Wayne Graham. (1936)Reserve infielder/ outfielder from ''08, Andy Phillips is 33.(1977)New York Mets traded third baseman,Tim Foli, outfielder,  Ken Singleton and first baseman,  Mike Jorgensen to the Montreal Expos for La Grande L'Orange himself -Rusty Staub on April 6, 1972. This was a win win deal for both teams. The Expos got three strong rookies (a bonifide star in Singleton) while the Mets got a established outfielder that could hit for power and average in Staub.New York Mets released outfielder Rich Chiles on April 6, 1974.New York Mets tradedreliever (  and pride of Flushing )  Ed Glynn to the Cleveland Indians for Dominick Bullinger on April 6, 1981.New York Mets traded pitcher Mark "Bombs Away" Bomback to the Toronto Blue Jays for decent starting pitcher,  Charlie Puleo on April 6, 1981. Puleo would last two seasons as a Met before being the main trade chip that brought Tom Seaver back to the Mets.New York Mets sold catcher, Butch Benton to the Chicago Cubs on April 6, 1981.Don't forget today is a off day, but you still might find Mo Vaughn trying to raid the Blue Smoke refrigerators at   Citi Field !