First off I would like to wish everbody a Happy Winter Solistice. I hope you were able to catch last nights Lunar Eclipse.With that said, I admit that it has been very hard to write about new Mets related topics on a consistent basis so far in this off season.  To be a Mets fan right now means to have the patience of a saint and the mental makeup of a marine. So for all pf you that hasn't gone off the reservation I salute you !!So with the recent drought of any Mets news of any relevancy , I was wondering who were the most overlooked outfielders in the almost fifty year history of the Mets.You know the guys who would come up with the timely hit but weren't considered superstars out side of either the Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium or now Citi Field. These are the blue collar players who rarely got the big contracts names replica jersey's with their names on the back and will never have their numbers retired or their names etched in bronze in the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown New York.Here are my top 10 Mets outfielders of all time. Let me know if you agree, disagree or make a case of who I should have included or excluded .10.Endy Chavez : He will always be remembered for the catch  in the '06 NLCS. But he was one of the biggest offensive threats coming off that Mets bench that season.09. Hubie Brooks : Hubie will always be better remembered as a third baseman for the Mets . But he did play alot of outfield in his tenure with the Mets.08:Art Shamsky: The other half of the right-field platoon which included Ron Swoboda. Shamsky could hit for power and he was a decent defensive threat in the outfield.07. Derek Bell : He was the key to the Mets outfield during the '00 season. And I maintain that the Mets could have beaten the Yankees if he was able to play during the World Series.06. Benny Agbayani: The original " Flyin Hawaiian. He was a decent outfielder who was a streaky hitter , but we loved him regardless.05.Lenny Randle: I dare you to name another Mets outfielder on that 'years team that was as menacing  as he was.04. Kevin Mitchell : Watch out or he will cut you !!03: George Theodore: " The Stork " was - and still is one of the most beloved Mets outfielders of all time. He wasn't anywhere near the best , but he played his heart out !!02: Steve Henderson: He was probably the brightest spot during the darkest period of Mets history. He even finished second to Andre Dawson in the '77 Rookie of the Year  voting. He had speed he had power , he just couldn't maintain being healthy and by the end on the '80 season he was gone.And the number one most overlooked Mets outfielder of all time is  Lee Mazzilli !!! Lee had it all, speed, power,  really good plate discipline and a cannon for a arm. In my opinion he should have been considered one of the top five outfielders in all of baseball from '77-'80 but hey I admit I am biased. And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!One of the folk heroes from those late '70's years of decay teams, third baseman/ outfielder, Elliott Maddox is 63 (1947) .One of the best raw power hitter that would ever grace a Mets uniform . You know him as Kong, Kingy, Sky King , or as the beat writer called him " Rat Bastard". But his wife and family know him as Dave Arthur Kingman. And he is 62 (1948) .One of the Best relievers that this organization had ever seen - and king of the Hot Foot, Roger McDowell is 50 (1960) .Reliever Royce Ring is 30 (1980). We received him from the Chicago White Sox when we traded the epic fail that was Roberto Alomar. We also got in return mediocre middle reliever Edwin Almonte. One time Mets pitching prospect,Philip Humber is 28 (1982). Thank goodness that we were able to trade him to the Twins for Johan Santana. He was recently picked up on waivers by the Kansas City Royals.Sadly on this day in '07, pitcher from the '67 season, Jack Lamabe, passed away.Colorado Rockies signed Daryl Boston of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 21, 1992. And so I guess the word short best describes the tenure for the first player who the Mets tried to replace Daryl Strawberry with. And it mercifully  had come to a end.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher, Pat Mahomes on December 21, 1998. Mahomes was the early version of Darren Oliver. He was used primarily as a reliever during his tenure for the Mets. But he was used alot in mop up duty and was great for spot starts.Utility infielder and cousin of Kurt Russell, Matt Franco was granted free agency on December 21, 2000.Houston Astros signed C. J. Nitkowski of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 21, 2001.Nitkowski has turned into this generations Ken Brett, playing for the majority of the teams in the major leagues. He currently is still pitching overseas and has a great twitter account.Minnesota Twins signed pitcher, Pat Strange of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 21, 2004.New York Mets signed free agent reliever, Chad Bradford of the Boston Red Sox on December 21, 2005. Bradford was one of the unsung heroes from the '06 team. It still angers me that Omar wouldn't come to terms on a multi year contract, but he would sign Scott Schoeneweiss for the same Kindo of contract that Bradford was asking for.New York Mets signed free agent knuckleballer, R. A. Dickey of the Minnesota Twins on December 21, 2009.Robert Allen Dickey was definitely the sleeper move of last season. It is on record that I was one of the first bloggers to rip Omar for this signing. Boy was I wrong. And while you continue you to obsess and fret on the lack of moves that the Mets have made this off season thus far , just remember that there are just 101 days until the Mets open the 2011 season against the Florida Marlins in Miami and 108 days until the Mets 2011 home opener against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field.Does anybody know where Mo Vaughn can get a quadruple extra large diaper ? He has been asked to play Baby New Year at Terry Collins New Years Rocking Eve Bash this year !!