Well as we all know this Sunday Oliver Perez Made his third rehab start, this time for AAA Buffalo. And once again the outcome did not seem to indicate that he was anywhere near ready to return tot he rotation. Ollie lasted five innings, giving up one unearned run on five hits - which withing itself doesn't seem so bad. The problem is that he walked five batters- and hitting two,- all this while throwing 100 pitches only half for strikes !! Reports said that once again his fastball topped out between 85-88 m.p.h. Obviously Mr Perez - The Sultan of Suckitude is not ready yet , but there is less than a month to go in this rehab stint. The Mets are mandated by the rules of Major League baseball to activate him once the thirty days are up. So what are the Mets to do? Will they try to acquire another starting pitcher before Oliver is slated to re-join the team ? If they do go this route will we end up with one of the two top level starting pitchers on the market ( Oswalt, Haren) - or will we get a middle of the road pitcher who can burn innings and save our bullpen ( Westbrook, Lilly) ? I hope it would be the former because I have been railing for a top line starter such as Dan Haren or Roy Oswalt . They would all but deliver the Mets into a playoff berth, but the reports of the Mets financial difficulties are based in reality, then expect a cheap middle of the road type of pitcher or expect the front office to sell us that Ollie is "cured" and getting him back is like obtaining a front line starter ( cringe). Remember Oliver is still owed a bit more than 20 million dollars for the next season and a half, and we know this team won't eat the contract. That coupled with the fact that apparently no team will touch Oliver in a trade ( he might have cooties or bubonic plague), Lets face it this could turn into a ugly second half if he returns to the rotation. In my opinion , I feel if Ollie is not ready, put him on the sixty day d.l. and make sure he doesn't see any action in a Mets uniform for the rest of this season,because if he does pitch and he fails miserably - well it may turn ugly when a fan base really turns against one of it's players - just ask Bobby Bonilla or Armando Benitez.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       " Ay Dios   Mio !!!"  And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating birthdays today are :Journeyman reliever from the '74 team, Jack Aker is 70 (1940) .One time catcher of the future, Mike Fitzgerald is 50 (1960). Mike was a very good catcher, but he was involved in the deal that got us Gary Carter from the Expos. Mike had a long and productive post Mets career .New York Mets purchased catcher,Joe Pignatano from the San Francisco Giants on July 13, 1962.We all remember Joe's bullpen tomato garden that lasted through his tenure as the Mets bullpen coach . He was one of the longest tenured coaches in Mets history - 13 years to be exact ('68-'81)New York Mets signed free agent reliever Bob McClure on July 13, 1988. Bob at one time was the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers, but by the time he came tot he Mets he was more of a set up man.New York Mets released middle reliever Juan Padilla on July 13, 2008.And Mo Vaughn was sighted at last night's Home Run Derby. He was utilized as the batters eye in center-field !!