Happy Thanksgiving to all you Mets fans out therein both the real world and in cyber land. While writing this column I came to think " Damn this past season was a true turkey for the Mets." We had everything from injuries to Ramon Martinez at shortstop, A failed experiment with Daniel Murphy in left field to obstructed views and a lack of Mets history on display at our shiny new Citi Field. We saw Luis Castillio drop a game ending pop up and Omar Minaya's screw up at the press conference that announced the firing of Tony Bernazard. From Ryan Church missing third base to Mets brass missing the point ! We have had some bright spots in this abyss of a season - From Josh Thole impressing us with his bat and his maturity to Gary Sheffield's 500th homer, to The celebration of the '69 Championship team which brought back some long gone yet familiar faces such as Duffy Dyer, Jerry Grote , and the long awaited return of one Nolan Ryan . Yes the 2009 was truly a turkey of the season but hope springs eternal for 2010 ( Please it can't get any worse ! - Or can it?!) .                                                                               Cooking turkey for the ...... New York Mets T-Shirt                                                                                               " At least the turkey on the left didn't have the stuffing knocked out of it   !'So break out the Alka Seltzer and the booze because - HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Birthday wishes go out to possibly the biggest turkey to manage the Mets -Jeff Torborg (1941) Jeff was a very congenial man always well liked my the media and his players - but when it came to managing in New York - He made Art Howe look like the legendary Connie Mack !Outfielder and fan favorite for the '79 team - Richie "Gravedigger" Hebner is 62 (1947) . Prior to being traded to the Mets from the Philadelphia Philles for pitcher Nino Espinoza Hebnerwas regarded as one of the better power hitting first basemen of his day. He even put up decent numbers in his tenure with the Mets, except he couldn't stand playing for this franchise and he was traded that winter to the Detroit Tigers for outfielder Jerry Morales.Current and soon to be former Mets catcher - Brian Schneider is 33 today(1976) . Good man but he was a turkey when it came to handling the pitching staff , and he couldn't even hit his weight for most of this past season (He made me long Paul LoDuca).Mets drafted pitcher Steve Dillon from the New York Yankees on November 26, 1962.Atlanta Braves signed catcher Charlie O'Brien of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 26, 1993.And remember while you are passed out on the sofa watching the Giants/ Broncos game witha Sam Adams balanced on your gut and with drool oozingfrom your mouth - there are only 130 more unsatisfying days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.And have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving   from me - Ed " Rustyjr" Marcus