I know a win is a win, but last night is a game that  the majority of Mets fans would love to forget. First off our best pitching prospect, Jennry Mejia was removed after he strained the muscle in the back of his throwing arm in the third inning . He  up to that point had pitched better than his past two starts allowing one hit and no runs .Then Raul Valdez poured gas on the fire to put the Mets in a 5-0 hole  before that inning mercifully came to an end. But the Mets didn't just lie down and play dead ! They eventually came back in the fourth inning to score seven runs against the the pitiful pitcher,Paul Maholm and the equally putrid Pittsburgh Pirates. The crowd of about 5,000 fans ( damn it's 1979 all over again!) saw the Mets once again claw their way to the .500 mark - a place thatthey have not been for the better part of the month. The saw Angel Pagan almost pulla Jason Bay when he face planted himself into the bullpen fence in right centerfield, but he seemed fine and finished to game. This is the first time the Mets have won three games in a rown since their  seven game winning streak that was June 11-18. Jose Reyes hit his  tenth  home run of the season and has become to become thetenth player this season to have double digit home runs and at least 25 steals. Angel Pagan is also on the list.I'll tell you one thing, Keith Hernandez have pissed of the suits at SNY, because it seems like he was being punished last night. Keith was the man in the crown roaming from section to section - Hell he even manned the outfield camera at one point . But then again he must have been happy because he really didn't have to watch the game. The same could not be said about Jerry Manuel who looks as run down as a piece of roadkill on the New York State Thruway.And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating Birthdays :Metsfan4dacades favorite pitcher of all time - Orel Hershiser, is 52 (1958). Although much of the Mets fan base doesn't like him because on the '88 NLCS , he was the anchor of the '99 staff and he knuckled down against the Braves during the Post season that year. Our "Mr. Intensity"  himself, reserve outfielder and primary pinchhitter,Chris " The Animal" Carter is 28 today (1982).Reserve infielder from the "01 team, Desi Relaford is 37 (1973).New York Mets released reserve outfielder, Wayne Kirby on September 16, 1998.Mo Vaughn will be on hand to sign copies of his new book " I Ain't Fat !! You're Too Skinny !! And  don't  forget  - there are only 16 games left before Jerry Manuel becomes the ex-manager of the New York Mets !