Well here we are with just two weeks left in what has been a long and bitter season. I think it is safe to say that everyone from ownership down to us fans are disappointed ( but not surprised) how this season has played out. Look we were told by the handicappers that this team would be either slightly better or slightly worse than .500, and with the exception of a few extended streaks they were right.But I have been thinking long and hard about this season , and my bitterness is melting into cautious optimism. You see it had to take a meddling C.O.O of Baseball Operations ( Jeffy Boy), a castrated General Manager ( Omar) A nice guy manager who it seems couldn't beat a child at chess ( Jerry) along with enough controversy and so many beatings by the both press and competition that ownership has to make substantial changes when the season ends.It is a foregone conclusion that Jerry as well as much of his coaching staff will be gone - hopefully to be replaced with a manager with a eye for talent and the intuition that comes with being a good field general. Omar will most likely be demoted to Director of Scouting in the Galapagos Islands, replaced with a man who has the savy to not just overspend for top tier free agents, but to make in season deals that will help the team progress. And what I hope for most - but expect the least is that Fred Wilpon will finally take his son by the ear and force him to be a hands off owner, letting their real baseball people run the show. I know this last scenario is the least likely, but when you see just about 10,000 -15,000 fans in the stands and 95% of the concession stands are closed - well somebody at the top has to take the hit and Jeff is the one running the show.So change is coming, and we as fans have to give ourselves a pat on the back, because we have made our anger and hostility known to ownership, and I think ownership has finally turned the proverbial hearing aide on and they are finally listening. Or I can be dead wrong ..... And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy birthday wishes go out to Mets reserve outfielder from the '92 team,D. J. Dozier (1965) D.J is one of the only Mets to have played both professional baseball and football ( he was with the Minnesota Vikings).Our newly obtained back up middle infielder, Joaquin Arias is 26 (1984) . He will probably be a back up for the Mets next season.New York Mets sold pitcher, Dock Ellis to the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 21, 1979. Dock Ellis , prior to his joining the Mets was one of the top pitchers in the game, unfortunately by the time the Mets acquired him he was just a shell of his former self.Mo Vaughn's favorite Little Rascal was Norman " Chubby " ChaneyAnd rejoice !!! That's right after tonight there will only be eleven game until Jerry Manuel becomes Mets managerial roadkill !!