I will admit that until the eighth inning of last nights game, I was a very pissed off Mets fan. I guess you can go insofar as saying I might be a masochist. Yes I watched almost every pitch of last nights game . I saw Jonathan Neise struggle to get to the fourth inning. I saw Manny Acosta do his best impersonation of Mel Rojas. I saw Mets hitters flailing meekly at Scott Olsen's pitches - which amounted into many inning ending double plays. But then the eighth inning came, and I felt like I received absolution from the baseball gods for my sin of writing the Mets off last night. You see the Mets did something they haven't done all season, THEY WON A GAME AFTER TRAILING AFTER THE SEVENTH INNING !!!Yes if you turned the game off early last night the Mets after being down 6-2 after seven came back to win 8-6 - and are once again tied with the Washington Nationals for second place ! It was a virtual conga line full of well timed errors, intentional walks, regular walks and clutch hits by David Wright, Jason Bay, Ike Davis and newly called up Chris Carter. In fact it was Chris Carter's two run double that put the Mets ahead 8-6 ( note to Omar - this is why we wanted him to make the team over Frank the Cat or Mike Jacobs !) But the two highlights last night was the grand slam homer that Ike Davis never hit - let me rephrase that - THE GRAND SLAM HOMER THAT IKE DAVIS WAS ROBBED OF !!! That and the amazing over the railing catch he made to end the game !!!. If this kid isn't in the running for the Rookie of the Year Award then I will cry foul !!!But all in all this was a game that this team sorely needed to win , it was a game that could have totally taken the wind out of this teams sails and could have sent them into a death spiral ! Lets just hope the rain ends before today's 1 p.m. game so that Mike Pelfrey can help us win the series .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     " Who would thought we'd need ya !"And with that said ..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!First off Happy Birthday wishes go out to a New York Base Ball original, Yogi Berra is 85 (1925) . Yes his he will forever be tied with Yankee lore, but he did spend much of his post playing career as a Met in both coaching and managerial capacities. Who could forget that he took our beloved Mets to the '73 World Series.Utility infielder from the mid to late '60's, Bob Heise is 63(1947) .Reserve Catcher from '72 Joe Nolan is 59 (1951) .Outfielder , and one time Mets killer when he was a Houston Astro ( remember the '86 NLCS) Kevin Bass IS 51 (1959) . He played breifly for the Mets in '92 for those who wish to remember - but long to forget.Relief pitcher from1993, Kenny Greer is 43 (1967) . He will always be known as the player we received when we traded Frank Tanana to the New York Yankees.Long reliever from '96-'97, Mark Clark is 42(1968) .New York Mets traded reliever, Toby Borland to the Boston Red Sox for pitcher, Rick Trlicek on May 12, 1997.New York Mets traded minor league pitcher, Lindsay Gulin to the Seattle Mariners for third string catcher, Rick Wilkins on May 12, 1998.New York Mets signed free agent reliever Tom Wilson on May 12, 2004.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit - His favorite Bee Gee is Maurice Gibb - who's yours ? Mine - I don't listen to such drivel - except ( " To Love Somebody" does bring a tear to my eye )