I hope Jeff Wilpon enjoyed the exercise in futility that was on display last night. Honestly I wonder if he got himself extremely wasted on mint juleps while his team layed down and played dead like a old bloodhound. Once again the offense couldn't cash in with runners in scoring position, wasting some prime opportunities to take a early lead. The passable Pat Misch showed us why he is a fringe big league ballplayer. He has showed us that his stuff is good against mediocre hitters - but horrible against the likes of the division leading Atlanta Braves. The rest of the bullpen - with the exception of Ryota Irisgashi were nearly as bad ! I wasn't surprised but thrilled when Oliver Perez gave up a second pitch fastball to Brian McCann for a blast that everyone knew was a sure thing off the bat. Just before that Gary , Keith and Ron alerted to us to the fact that "The Sultan Of Suckitude" felt like he was being treated "unfairly". Treated unfairly ? Oh Ollie Ollie Ollie, I think when you gave yourself that Mohawk and the beginning of the season you might of given yourself a frontal lobotomy !! If anything it is you that have treated us Mets fans unfairly ! You should have swallowed your pride and tried to straighten out both your mechanics as well as your head when everyone from ownership to The Cowbell Man begged you to take a minor league assignment. But no you stayed, leaving our roster short by one player. And this is quite ironic since when the Mets first bowed out of the Alex Rodriguez sweepstakes in '00, they cited that they didn't want a 24 plus 1 environment. Well I guess things have changed since then because Oliver only comes into games when either the moon is full or when the game is already conceded.Well here we are back into baseball obscurity, a after thought and a foot note in time. Yes, while the Yankees are now thirty one games over .500 , our Mets are languishing and a game below . As I mentioned earlier Jeff Wilpon was in Atlanta last night to meet with Jerry Manuel, and to watch last nights game. I have a sneaky suspicion that he was there to give Manuel his pink slip ,but that like Art Howe in '04 he would be allowed to finish up the season. All I can say is that the end is almost here - so start drinking heavilly !                                                              " Drinking makes the pain go away !" And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating Birthdays today are:One of the better Mets pitchers from '64-'65, Tracy Stallard (1937)One of the better outfiielders from the early '80's, Claudell Washington is 56 (1954) .Pitcher,Hideo Nomo is 42 (1968) . He was phenom when he first came to the majors with the Dodgers, but by the time he became a Met, his skills had drastically eroded.Reserve outfielder from '92,Pat Howell is also 42(1968).New York Mets purchased pitcher, Bill Graham from the Detroit Tigers on August 31, 1967.New York Mets traded catcher, Jerry Grote to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitchers, Dan Smith and Randy Rogers on August 31, 1977. This was the cherry on top for what had become a nightmare of a season. With the trading of  both Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman earlier in the season, Jerry was the next logical player to be shown the door.New York Mets traded pitcher,Pete Harnisch to the Milwaukee Brewers for Donny Moore on August 31, 1997.Pete was a good pitcher with the Mets, but between his contracting Lyme's Disease and his run ins with Bobby Valentine, his tenure with the Mets was bound to be short lived.New York Mets sold utilityman, Tim Spehr to the Kansas City Royals on August 31, 1998.Mo Vaughn refused to go to last nights game. Instead he decided to hang out at a Sonic Drive in !And just remember folks, there just about a month left before Jerry Manuel gets shown the door !!