It's funny how the mind wanders when there is an off day on the baseball schedule. During my busy schedule as a security guard ( stop chuckling!)at a major hospital, I found some time for self immolation. After last season in where the Mets tried their best ( but didn't succeed) in channeling the '69 season ( it was more like 1979 if you ask me), I was as dejected as any Mets fan that I know. I listened to Jeff Wilpon in the company of his general manager Howdy Doody - Oops I meant to say Omar Minaya and Vice President Dave Howard while they gave their  apologies on Mike Francesa's radio show. They promised change, they promised accountability, they said that they were financially solvent , and promised that adding payroll would not be a issue. So I have to admit that when the hot stove came and went with really only Jason Bay to show for it, I guess you could say I felt a bit betrayed. But then spring training came and stupid me and my hope springs eternal mindset started to believe that this team could be a high '80 - low 90 win team. Well fast forward to the present day and lets look at the standings. We are in third place with a record of 55-56 , eight and a half games out of first place and eight games out of the wild card. There is a slight chance that this team might catch fire, but this is not 1973 in which the Mets were in a weak division. Lets face it , There is a perception that before the season started , and again at the trade deadline, that the Wilpon's hogtied Omar Minaya, limiting him from making big and drastic changes of this roster. We didn't attend any of their strategy sessions, so we don't know what the real plan for '2010 really was. We don't know if signing either John Lackey or Joel Pinero was ever a high priority. We don't know if the Jason Bay signing was a knee jerk reaction to quell a restless fan base. Don't get me wrong, I feel that Omar put together a roster that was shoddy at best. Yes we have our David, and our Johan and our Jose. They brought up Ike, who is still feeling some growing pains.And we all hoped against hope that Carlos Beltran would come back healthy in May. But when you pair them with guys such as Mike Jacobs, Gary Matthews Jr, Alex Cora , coupled with Jerry Manuel's managing scared style of baseball, well you are hoping to catch some type of spark, but most times you get what we have now - a mediocre team. I went into this season with high expectations, Oh what a feel believes !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " This time Jeff   " Skunk" Baxter isn't here to save us !!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to former Mets outfielder,Johnny Lewis. He is 71 (1939) .Reserve outfielder from 04-'05, Gerald Williams is 44 (1966) ,Back up outfielder from '90 '91 ,Chuck Carr is 43 (1967).Sadly on this date in 1990, original Mets coach,Cookie Lavagetto passed away.New York Mets purchased the contract of outfielder, Jermaine Allensworth from the Kansas City Royals on August 10, 1998.New York Mets released outfielder, Jeff Duncan on August 10, 2005.And Mo Vaughn is having one of those not so fresh kind of days .