Well when I went to bed in the top of the tenth last night, the Mets record was 1-0. When I woke up this morning it had changed to 1-1. Hey I think we all know that this team wasn't going to go 162-0, but it would have been nice if the Mets could have come out of the gate like gangbusters. I was at the game with the Mrs.( she loved the museum) and from our semi premium seat ( section 137 row 15) we saw our number two starter ( in name only ) John Maine looked down right mediocre. His fastball at times barely hit 91 mph and his off speed pitches were extremely hittable. Being that I have to get up at 4 a.m. every morning, we left during the top of the 6th inning. On my way home I listened as Marlins pitcher, Rickey Norlasco started to labor , but the Mets still couldn't get anything going against him. Rookie phenom, Jenrry Mejia, looked okay at best, giving up one run on three hits, but lets face it, Frenchie bailed him out when he nailed that marlins base runner trying to score .But then the Mets made a epic comeback, scoring five runs in the last three innings, but they came up short when Japanese import, Hisanori Takahasi gave up the go ahead ( and winning run). So my friends I would advise you to stay away from sports radio unless you are a sadist, because you know as well as I do that both Carton and Francesa will have a field day, pontificating on why other than Johan Santana , our starting rotation stinks. But remember, there are still 160 games to prove them wrong.And now..... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " Words to live by !"Happy Birthday wishes go out to pitcher Mac Scarce .(1949) Matt would play in only one game for the Mets before being traded for outfielder, Tom Hall.One of the best offensive catchers this team has ever known, and important cog of the mid '80's dominant Mets teams, Gary " The Kid" Carter is 56 .(1954)Pitcher , Pete Walker is 41. (1969)One time shooting star outfielder,Timo Perez is 35. (1975) Timo was Endy Chavez before we had Endy. He came out of nowhere to take over in the outfield, when Derek Bell went down, and caught lightening in the bottle - that's until he was tagged out at home after misjudging Todd Zeile's ball that hit the top of the wall during the '00 World Series. He is currently working his way back to the majors with the Los Angeles Dodgers.One time sure thing reliever prospect,( and now just struggling to find his way in AAA Buffalo) Eddie Kunz is 24.(1986)New York Mets traded pitching prospect,Chris DeWitt to the Chicago Cubs for utility player, and Kurt Russell's nephew-Matt Franco on April 8, 1996.Cleveland Indians claimed pitcher, Jason Anderson of the New York Mets on waivers on April 8, 2004.And at last night there was a reunion of the late '90's early '00 Mets jersey's. I saw a Zeile, Hundley, Ordonez and yes some poor soul was wearing a Mo Vaughn. Mo's jersey refused to  comment.