Apparently he is on his way to Arizona !!!According to Tim Brown of Yahoo,Kevin Towers- the Mets fan base's first choice to replace Omar Minaya has reportedly accepted the Arizona Diamondbacks offer to become their next General Manager. He was chosen among five candidates that were in contention for the Arizona job.The 48 year old Towers will replace the interim general manager (and former Mets reliever) Jerry Dipoto - who replaced Josh Byrnes in July. It is reported that Towers’ contract is guaranteed for two years, with more option years after that.I guess this is the proverbial "if you snooze you lose scenario", where Mets ownership and their most senior advisers keep debating which direction to go and they lose out on one of the most desirable candidates that might have been able to turn this franchise around.Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog made a very good point when he said that " I never actually heard anyone with the Mets mention Towers to me . and so that plus him never having a interview in Citi Field, and since Omar Minaya is still on staff , I assume Towers didn't want the Mets and the Mets didn't want Towers".If Cerrone is correct in his assessment then I am quite disturbed with the Mets train of thoughtIn his column yesterday, Daily News beat reporter , Andy Martino gave the impression that Mets will likely hire another "high ranking executive who will help to determine Omar's future." Well if this is the case - why haven't they done that already ? I mean the season is essentially over - why wait until after the final game is played to hire the guy who more than likely recommend Omar's firing or re-assignment?I heard Steve Phillips on WFAN yesterday and he is under the impression that Omar will not be removed as G.M by ownership. If his opinion turns out to be true then I feel that the Mets will have a tough time convincing the fan base that a major overhaul of  the organization is on the way. I personally do not think that Omar is a bad G.M - but it seems like Fred and Jeff Wilpon have little faith in his abilities after four straight season of not making the playoffs ( two seasons where they didn't even play " meaningful games" in September). So why should Omar stay? Redemption ? Or the fact that they might not want to pay him two million plus dollars for the next two years to sit back and do nothing.I don't know what their mindset is but one thing is for certain - just like with the pool of free agent pitcher last off season - the longer they wait the harder it will be to get a top notch General Manger to turn the fortunes of this team around !       And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating Birthdays today :Former Mets second baseman ( and future Mets Manager?), Wally Backman is 51 (1959) He was so intense whenever he was on the field , whether it was at second base or at his turn at bat, he has showed those qualities everywhere he has managed." Mr Explosive himself" - Vince Coleman is 49 today (1961).He ranks as one of the worst free agent signings in Mets history !! In his three year tenure the often injured Coleman played in only 235 games with 99 stolen bases and a on base percentage of .336 . He was a clubhouse cancer who was only showed the door after he threw a lit M 89 into a crown of fans after a Mets/Dodgers game in Los Angeles.Middle reliever from the '92 team, Mark Guthrie is 45 (1965).Reserve outfielder from the '95 team, Jeff Barry is 41 (1969).Mo Vaughn's favorite hard rock performer ( and food for that matter) is Meatloaf.And don't fret - just remember that after tonight's game there will only be 10 games left until Jerry Manuel will be sent packing from his job as Mets manager !!