Well here we are on November eleventh and the with the exception of all the discussion of who we want to be the next Mets manager rather than who should be Mets manager, well the hot stove thus far has been rather quiet. But once again I stress that it is only early November and within a week or too there will be alot more Mets news to be had.So I put forth this question to all the rabid Mets fans that live and die by the orange and blue - in your opinion who is the most hated Met of all time?Is it Tom Glavine - the man who was " disappointed" but not "devastated" when he pitched us out of a playoff berth in '07 ? Is it somebody more recent - such as a player from the unholy trinity which includes Ollie " The Sultan of Suckitude" Perez, Luis "Slappy" Castillo or Francisco " K-Thud  Rodriguez" ?Is it one of the many ineffective relievers that has donned a Mets uniform such as Mel Rojas, Rich Rodriguez, Armondo Benitez or Braden Looper ? Or is it Mike Hampton, our ace from the '00 season who bolted to Colorado for more money and the better educational learning institutes? Maybe it was one of the many emotionally stunted hitters we imported back in the early '90's like Bobby Bonilla, Tony Fernandez and Vince Coleman - or maybe a manager such as Jeff Torborg, Jerry Manuel or Art Howe got your Irish up. Or possibly it was a front office suit such as Steve Phillips, Omar Minaya, Joe MacDonald.Well if you ask my opinion - all are great choices but my vote is cast for M. Donald Grant. This man single handedly caused the downfall of the Mets in the '70's.So I ask you who is your most hated Met - maybe you agree with me - maybe you have one that I have overlooked.And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!                                 Mets alumni celebrating birthdays today are:Reliever from the '05-'06 teams,Roberto Hernandez is 46(1964) .Spot starter/middle reliever from '93-'95, Dave Telgheder (1966)Back up second baseman from '07-'08, Damion Easley is 41 (1969) . Damion was the best clutch off the bench player the Mets have has in the last five years.Starting pitcher from '02-'03, Mike Bacsik is 33 (1977) .Texas Rangers signed pitcher,Doc Medich of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 11, 1977. Medich is one of the few players to ever wear a Mets uniform yet never play a game with them.New York Mets traded outfielder,Terry Blocker to the Atlanta Braves for pitcher, Kevin " Not him" Brown on November 11, 1987.New York Mets traded closer, Mel Rojas to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Bobby Bonilla on November 11, 1998. I still don't understand why Steve Phillips brought back Mr. " Persona Non Grata" back into the fold. The fans hated him and whatever power he had was severely limited by this part of his career.I would like to congratulate our sister Mets fan, Sharon Chapman for finishing the New York City Marathon in a impressive six hours, twelve minutes and twenty seconds. She raised a total of $6,241 for the Tug Mcgraw Foundation. I thank everyone who helped support Sharon by donating to this worthy cause.And Speaking of the marathon, Mo Vaugh was disqualified when he was spotted getting off a peddle cab two blocks away from the finish line in Central Park !!