Earlier this week I posed the question " Who is you least favorite Met of all time ? ". The names that were bandied about bridged the obvious (Bobby Bonilla) to the surprising ( John Franco). But the three names that were mentioned the most were Bobby Bonilla, Vince Coleman and Oliver Perez.Well now I am going to ask what might be considered a harder question . Who is your all time favorite Met ? Is he one of the obvious choices such as Seaver, Wright or Piazza ?  Perhaps it might be some one from the '86 team like Hernandez , Ronnie or perhaps El Sid. Maybe it is one of our two back to back Rookie of The Year winners , Doc and Straw. Or maybe it's a player that helped turn this team from lovable losers to  world champions ( Kooseman, Swoboda, Agee or Cleon). Is it a player who took the field during the dark times such as Maz, Hendu, Lockwood ,Swanie , Kong or Kranepool ? Was it one the few spark plugs that propelled the team like Lenny Dykstra, Jose Reyes or Tug McGraw? Maybe your player is from off the beaten patch ( Andy Hassler)  or maybe he was a head scratcher ( Rey Sanchez) Is it a person who had a cup of coffee with the Mets before fading into obscurity (  Dick Stuart) ?So who is your all time favorite Met ?  I think my guy is pretty obvious !                                                                                                                   " What ? You thought it was Rick Cerone?"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!! Mets alumni celebrating birthdays today are:Today would have been Jimmy Piersall's 81st birthday (1929) He will forever be remembered for running the bases backwards when he hit his 100th homerun. Casey Stengel promptly had him released after the game.Spot starter/ long reliever from '64-'66,Darrell Sutherland is 69 (1941).Middle reliever from the '06 season, Tim Hamulack is 34 (1976) .Mets outfielder from the '06 season, Xavier Nady is 32(1978) . I still haven't forgiven Duaner Sanchez for getting into the car accident !!Sadly on this date in 2004 , one time Mets catcher, Jesse Gonder passed awayIn what was a very sad day to be a met fan - The New York Mets released Gary Carter on November 14, 1989. Carter's knees had eroded to the point hat he could barely run let alone catch or hit. We all knew this was the end of him in a Mets uniform but it was still melancholy to say the least .Atlanta Braves signed back up infielder, Jorge Velandia of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 14, 2003.And while you are watching the Jets murder the Browns today ( while wearing your Mo Vaughn Mets Jersey - Just remember ! There are just 138 days until the Mets open the 2011 season against the Florida Marlins in Miami and 145 days until the Mets 2011 home opener against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field !!!