As we all know there are ( barring off days) less than a months worth of games left in the Mets season.As it stands right now the Mets trail the Division leading Atlanta Braves by twelve games and the Wild Card Leading Phillies by eleven games - with six other teams ahead of them. The Mets hopes at making the post season are dead and we have seen the body on the coroners table for a while now - whether ownership wants to admit it or not. But pretty soon there will be a autopsy performed on the cadaver which is listed as the 2010 New York Mets. And while many people will speculate and wonder out loud what could have been, what should have been and what would have been. I'll just be asking why ?!?Such as :Other than Jason Bay, why didn't the Mets try to reinforce a mediocre starting rotation with one of the few available above average pitchers that were on the market last winter ?Why did Gary Matthews Jr and Frank Catolonotto on the opening day roster when both didn't deserve to make the team coming out of spring training ?Why did Omar relent to Jerry's wishes and have Jennry Mejia start the season in the bullpen when he should have been gaining experience as a starter in the minors?Why would the Mets honor the '00 Mets during the Subway Series? If you ask me it's kinda like cutting the stitches off of a wound that has yet to heal.Why Didn't Fred and Jeff fire Jerry and the coaching staff on that first road trip to Atlanta this past May?Why were there no moves during the All Star Break ?Why did it take so long to release Alex Cora?Why did we only get back Joachim Arias in the Jeff Francouer trade ?Why isn't Don King promoting a Francisco Rodriguez / Mike Tyson fight?Why is Oliver Perez still on the team !!!?!!!And lastly - why doesn't ownership and the front office stop treating us like we are little children whose relative has just died - and just admit that the season is over !!!Oh - and why do I bother ?                                                              " Why ask why ?" And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating birthdays today are :Future Hall of Famer ( better be as a Met!)and possibly the best offensive catcher in Mets history, Mike Piazza (1968) is 42. I wish we still had his bat in the line up.Light hitting utility infielder from '97-'99, Luis Lopez is 40 (1970) .Back up catcher for the '03 Mets,Joe DePastino is 37 (1973).New York Mets releasedreserve catcher, Barry Lyons on September 4, 1990.Since Mo Vaughn is following the Mets in Chicago he figured that he would dress up like Aretha Franklin and sing "Freedom" while eating some white toast and two fried chickens while drinking a Coke !