I have a quick riddle for you.What do Fernando Tatis, David Newhan and Wilson Delgado all have in common ? The answer is plain and simple, They are all players that were issued the number 17, but were undeserving of the privilege !You see I am in the camp that the number 17 is synonymous with the Stache, and should be retired in his honor. Before you argue with me and say that this should be a exclusive club for iconic Mets like Tom Seaver ( the only Mets player to have the honor) let me draw some parallels between " The Franchise" and the man affectionately called "Mex"Both men are seen as saviours by Mets fans. The acquisition of both men , Seaver via lottery, Hernandez by trade, signaled a turning point in what were losing times in Mets infamy. Yes in '67 this Mets franchise were still deemed " lovable losers" and had the support of a rabid fan base. But by '83, this team was in ruins after a six year of darkness. Once then G.M. Frank Cashen traded our closer, Neil Allen along with mediocre at best starter, Rick Ownby, you felt that this team had obtained a player that could help propel this team to the playoffs. Keith Hernandez was a game changer, He hit extremely well in the clutch- leading the league in Game Winning R.B.I's from '84-'86, He was the unofficial field general, he was our captain , and the fact that his number 17 is still in circulation in my opinion is unfathomable ! So no offense to the Brent Mayne or the Jose Lima's of the world, but you were not fit to wear the number 17 ! CAN WE PLEASE HAVE IT RETIRED WITHIN TH NEXT 2 SEASONS !?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           " Retire number 17 !!!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :Back up shortstop from the '73 season,Brian Ostrosser is 61 (1949) .Former hitting coach from '99 and one time Mets minor league manager,Mickey Brantley is 49 (1961) .New York Mets traded the legendary ( at least in my mind) pitcher, Kevin Kobel to the Kansas City Royals for minor league pitcher, Randy McGilberry on June 17, 1980.New York Mets traded the reliever with the rubber arm - Dave Weathers along with spot starter, Jeremy Griffiths to the Houston Astros for washed up outfielder,Richard Hidalgo on June 17, 2004.Mo Vaughn taped his own version of "Bizarre Foods" last night. On the menu - The Cleveland Midge !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " Mo Vaughn Loves Midges !!"