Well I just got back from my three day Mets related sabbatical in Atlantic City. I ate alot ( if you love BBQ check out Corky's in the Tropicana) and gambled a little ( came out ahead). But unfortunately I could not escape the talons of post season baseball no matter how hard I tried.On Wedensday night while I was taking advantage of the buffet at Caesars, I had the unfortunate luck of having a table full of Phucking Phillie Phans ( decked out in those butt uglyhats and jerseys mocking me in my Mets shirt, rubbing in the perfect game that Roy Halliday had just pitched. So after a hour or two of blackjack the Mrs and I head back to our deluxe suite ( gotta love free upgrades) where I unfortunately saw the Twins cough up a potential first game win against a ineffective C.C Sabbathia . Add insult to injury last nights Yankee win in which I could swear the umpires were on the Yankees payroll and voila - three short days that were supposed to be relaxing and quiet turned into me ranting and raving to the joy of the multitude of Yankee and Phillie caps that filled the boardwalk. So how did this relaxing pleasant sojourn down the Jersey Shore end? That's right folks I heard the first twenty minutes of Mike Francessa's monologue - a open love letter if you will to Andy Pettite ! That's right the man who was forced to admit he took HGH illegally , threw his father and his friend Roger Clemens under the bus - AND STILL IS REGARDED AS A SAINT IN YANKEE LAND !!!!OH SCREW IT - HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!The New York Mets released middle reliever, Satoru Komiyama on October 8, 2002.Damn I wish Mo Vaughn took P.E.D.S instead of Mc.B.L.T.S!!!