There will be only four games left to this lost season after today's twi-night double header , but Mets fans still have hope - hope to end the season with a .500 or better record. But would that be a good thing ? Just for a moment follow my twisted rational here . Lets say that in the last six games the Mets go 5-1 and end the season at 82-80. Do you think Jeff and Fred Wilpon see this as a vast improvement over last years terrible 70 -92 finish and spare Omar the axe ? Do you think this may just make Jeff Wilpon dig his heels into the ground because his team defied many prognosticators predictions and finished on the north side of .500. Maybe this will give him Don Quixote delusions that the Mets are only a few minor tweaks away from contention. Maybe the team really is under a strict budget and in the case of Omar Minaya it's cheaper to keep him than to overpay for a new general manager who will have a big challenge before him.I don't know why , but as I remarked yesterday I do not think Omar will be fired or reassigned within the organization. I think that he will be given one more chance to try to straighten this mess of a team out because I think Jeff would rather pay him one million dollars not to work for one year than two million for two.Oh I hope that I am wrong.          " We are experiencing technical difficulties - please standby"...And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the most recent member of " the one who got away club", closer Heath Bell . He is 33 (1977) . I think he is the Epic Fail of Omar's career as Mets general manager.Sadly on this date in 1975, the "Old Perfessor", Casey Stengel Casey Stengel was silenced forever.New York Mets released one time Mets prospect, Jeff McKnight on September 29, 1989.New York Mets released middle reliever, Mike Draper on September 29, 1993.Reserve outfielder, Brady Clark was granted free agency on September 29, 2008. He is a member of the Mets " If you blinked you missed him" club .Reserve outfielder,Chris Aguila was granted free agency on September 29, 2008 . He too is a member of "if you blinked you missed him" club.Mo Vaughn will be on hand today to sign copies of his latest DVD - " Mo Vaughn's Guide To Competitive Eating !"And just remember, after tonight's twi-night doubleheader there will be only four games left in Jerry Manuel's tenure as mets manager !!