So as we come into the final week of spring training, most of the positionary battles have been settled except for the last spot in the bullpen. So far it is obvious that this years bullpen will be comprised of Feliciano, Rodriguez, Irigashi, Takahasi, Parnell, and Sean Green ( damnit!). That pretty much leaves the bullpen shy of a long man/ spot starter. The remaining candidates for that lone position are Pat Misch, Fernando Neive and Marty Noble's choice, Nelson Figueroa. I'll tell you one thing, after hearing about Nelson being bombed yesterday I was surprised to read that Jerry Manuel says that he is still a candidate for the bullpen. I am not totally adverse to having Nelson in that position, he could be another Darren Oliver type who came out of nowhere in '06 and was the saviour of the bullpen. Honestly I would rather see Fernando Neive get the assignment. He has a dominating fastball, hard slider, is about 6 years younger than Figgy ( although I might be wrong), and he showed last year that he could consistently put together good pitching performances, where as Figgy was for the most part inconsistent, winning when many of the games played didn't mean anything to the opposing team ( see the final game of the season). I also feel that if Neive is put through waivers he would be snatched up by a another team, where Nelson or Pat Misch would more than likely clear waivers and report to AAA Buffalo as depth. And if Figgy declines the assignment to test the waters elsewhere honestly - who cares? I like the man don't get me wrong, but if he is going to act like he is owed the spot , then he is a me first player and we don't need that attitude permeating the clubhouse - especially if it is with a bunch of green minor leaguers. Whoever ends up winning the role I can only say "Congratulations - Now don't screw up !!!'   Oh yeah on a side note I didn't forget about Mejia - I am just willing him to not make the team !!                                                                                                                                                                                         " Don't get me wrong Nelson I like you alot - Just not as  the  first option for   our pitching staff !"And with that said ..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy birthday to back up catcher from the '72 team ,Bill Sudakis .(1946)Speaking of the birthday boy , on this date in 1972, New York Mets purchased Bill Sudakis from the Los Angeles Dodgers on March 27, 1972.New York Mets released pitcher, Jim Beauchamp on March 27, 1974.New York Mets traded Jackson Todd to the Philadelphia Phillies for Edward Cuervo ( How can you not trade for a man whose name is a type of tequila !) on March 27, 1978.New York Mets traded reliever Nino Espinosa to the Philadelphia Phillies for disgruntled outfielder Richie Hebner and infielder José Moreno on March 27, 1979. This was possibly one of the worst deals the Mets ever made because they lost a better than average pitcher for a malcontent (Hebner - sorry grave) who made his feelings known that he did not want to play for the Mets, and was traded the next offseason.New York Mets traded catcher Ed Hearn, and pitchers Rick Anderson and Mauro Gozzo to the Kansas City Royals for pitcher David Cone and Chris Jelic on March 27, 1987. This was other than the Johan Santana Deal the biggest steal in Mets history !New York Mets traded minor league prospects Kevin Baez and Tom Wegmann to the Baltimore Orioles for power hitting first baseman ( and self admitting steroid user) David Segui on March 27, 1994.New York Mets traded Al Leiter's brother , pitcher Mark Leiter to the Colorado Rockies for pitcher, Brian Rose on March 27, 2001.New York Mets traded outfielder Timo Perez to the Chicago White Sox for pitcher Matt Ginter on March 27, 2004.And don't forget , there are only nine George " The Stork " Theodore days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.