I admit that as a Mets fans i am a knee jerk reactionist. But when your team hasn't won a World Series in 24 years it is certainly understandable why many of us have grown impatient. So I guess you could picture my disgust with the recent news of former Padres G.M , Kevin Towers being hired by the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks will most likely retain interim G.M ( and possible Mets G.M candidate) Jerry Dipoto in some capacity within the organization.Recent reports also suggest the another man who tops the Mets off season wish list, Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels intends on staying in Texas rather than opt out of his contract.So here we go, two top candiadates that Mets fans would kill to have as their G.M is  apparently off the market, and potential candidates are either still hired by other organizations , or just don't want the challenge of being the Mets G.M. I know that it is speculation, but when you read the tea leaves it seems likely that Omar Minaya will be given one last chance next season. I don't get the feeling that the Mets will turn to a John Hart,a Pat Gillick , or even J.P Ricciardi. There are some fine baseball executives - Kim Ng of the Dodgers comes to mind but I feel the Mets want someone with experience within the role.In My opinion I think the Mets lure either Sandy Alderson or Stan Kasten into the organization as the buffer between Omar and the ownership. Could it work ? I guess - but it could also add to the bureaucracy and anarchy that is prevalent in this organization.So my fellow Mets fans , cross your fingers , polish your lucky horseshoe and throw salt over your left shoulder . Because we might need all the help that we can get !! And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to former reserve catcher from the '84 - '85 team , Ronn Reynolds (1958) .Middle reliever from '04-'05 , Mike DeJean is 40 (1970) .Mo Vaughn is getting ready to hibernate.And after tonight's game against the Brewers, there will be just six more games until Jerry Manuel becomes the ex manager of the New York Mets !