Through the past forty-eight seasons of this teams existence , we Mets fans have seen our share of baseball. Most of the time the team has been poor to mediocre, with some good to outstanding seasons sprinkled in for good measure.But during these years - whether the team was really good or god awful , we have always had a non superstar player that we would gravitate to. During the '60's it were players such as Marv Throneberry and Ron Swoboda. In the '70's it was George Theodore and Lee Mazzilli. In The '80's there was Dave Magadan and Joel Youngblood. The '90's had Joe McEwing and Matt Franco. And this past decade was Endy Chavez and Omir Santos (last years grand slam off of the Boston Red sox will always reverberate in Mets lore).In the case of one Robert Allen Dickey we can make a very good argument that he should be considered in the near future a all time fan favorite Met. He came out of darkness of obscurity to the blinding white hot spotlights of New York City and railed off six straight victories before earning his first loss. He has shown a cunning and guile that most pitchers lack. He is a fighter. Case in point the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers where he tweaked his knee. He fought Jerry Manuel tooth and nail before finally walking off the mound. He has thrown tow one hitters this season - one in the minors and one for the Mets. When he talks in his pregame and post game interviews he shows introspective, intellectual mindset that seems to be lacking with most athletes these days. He is the essential everyman who has fought for everything he has, which compels us to root hard for him whenever he takes the mound. Will he or can he either match or improve on this breakout season ? Only time will tell. But R.A Dickey will forever be known as a New York Met and for us Mets fans, he is a hero .                            " One of the bright spots of a disappointing season"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy 48th Birthday Dave Magadan (1962) !!! You will always be known as the player who should have been Keith Hernandez's heir apparent to first base ! He currently is the hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox. Middle reliever from the '97 team,Yorkis Perez is 43 (1967).Today would have been pitcher, José Lima's 38th birthday (1972) .New York Mets signed free agent pitcher,Nino Espinosa on September 30, 1970.New York Mets released reserve outfielder,Jerry Martin on September 30, 1984.Backup catcher,Raul Casanova granted free agency on September 30, 2008.Mo Vaughn was the only paid person in attendance for last nights game.And yes the end is almost near !! That's right , there are just four games left before Jerry Manuel becomes the ex-manager of the Mets !!!