OK so now that Saint Joseph Of The Bronx Bombers has revealed that he will not be back withthe Dodgers next season, both the blogosphere and the twitterverse is abuzz withboth rumor and speculation that his next destination will about two miles from Laguardia Airport. That's right , if you believe all the rumor and conjecture, Joe Torre is bound to succeed Jerry Manuel as the next manager of our New York Mets. Yeah and if you believe that I have a flame throwing left handed pitcher named Ollie that I'm willing to let go for just a dollar !. No I am sorry but I cannot see Joe returning to the place where his managerial career first took root. First off I feel whomever the General Manger is next season - whether it is Omar Minaya, Kevin Towers or whoever it maybe will want to have his own choice in place - and Joe might not be considered the first choice for the job.Secondly The Mets generally do a 180 degree turn when they choose their managers. Case in point is when the Mets fired Bobby Valentine who was a extremely animated, firey and cocky son of a bitch with the so laid back most people thought he was dead Art Howe. Willie Randolph was more of a quietly intense kind of manager and they replaced him with the extroverted and loose Jerry Manuel. So I have to see the Mets going with the firey type of manager again like a Wally Backman, Larry Bowa or yes even a second coming of of Bobby V.Third off I think the price of Joe would scare Jeff and Fred Wilpon away. The last two Mets managers were paid mere pittances in contrast to Torre who is the highest paid manager in the game today. Yes I know Bobby Valentine will command a high salary but he is both younger and I think he has the hunger to win where as Joe has already proven himself as a winning manager who doesn't need to prove anything.Lastly I still do believe there might be some bad blood on Joe's end from being fired back in '81. Joe only spent two seasons under the Ownership of Doubleday/Wilpon ownership but I am sure the hurt still lingers.So will Joe Torre be the next manager of the Mets . I highly doubt it. But whoever will be the next manager of this team, he will have a uphill battle to make this team a contender once again.And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Today would have been the 85th birthday for Mets pitching coach , Harvey Haddix (1925) He was with the team in 1963.Mets starting pitcher from '80-'83,Scott Holman is 52 (1958)Middle reliever from the '94 team, Roger Mason is 52 (1958) .Sadly on this date in 1982 Mets coach and minor leauge manager,Clyde McCullough passed away.New York Mets purchased pitcher, Dean Chance from the Cleveland Indians on September 18, 1970.Mo Vaughn was extremely pissed off when he saw that Mama's of Corona closed down early last night ! He was really in the mood for about 10 of their famous sausage and pepper heros. It is safe to say Mo was not in a good mood ! And it's almost time to celebrate ! Yes that's right - there are just 14 more games left until Jerry Manuel becomes the ex-manager of the New York Mets !!