Oh what a difference two weeks makes. At this time two weeks ago the Mets were sole possession of first place a game and a half over the Philadelphia Phillies . Now here we are one game below .500 in sole possession of fourth place ( Thank goodness for the Atlanta Braves). So I have to ask myself what the hell is going on here ?!? I mean we are mired in a four game losing streak, losing to beatable pitchers ( except Josh Johnson) and it seems like our season is starting to spiral in the state of flux. John Maine was not on his game last night giving up six earned runs in five innings. The night before Oliver Perez as we all know pitched himself out of the starting rotation, Jason Bay is hitting - just not for power, and Jeff Francouer looks down right tired - and it wouldn't surprise me if he was hiding a injury ( he has not been the same since getting roughed up in the Philadelphia series). This coupled with Jerry Manuel's thumb up his ass style of managing might lead to the the Mets falling out of the playoff race much sooner that one can fathom. Look I know the season is long and this could be a minor bump in the road, but it doesn't seem like this team handles adversity well. You just got shellacked 7-2 the night before - you would expect this team to roar back like a team with something to prove !! And yes while this Mets did come back to tie the game for a brief fleeting moment, bad situational hitting, and bad base running is costing this team wins !And for what it is worth, I have lost all respect for Oliver Perez. This is a man who needs to get his head and his mechanics in order - and the best way to do this is to accept a demotion the the minors to try and work out the kinks. So what does he do ? He tells the New York media that he would refuse the demotion if he was asked !! Uhh Ollie I hate to break this to you but this is a team sport and you putting yourself ahead of your team will not get you any respect among your peers or the New York Mets fan base.And my jaw nearly dropped when I heard Jerry Manuel post game interview when asked about Jennry Mejia still pitching in the bullpen. Jerry said "Not necessarily". When asked does this mean that he could and would be sent down to the minors to stretch himself back into being a starter Jerry once again uttered the words "Not necessarily". Uh Jerry what is that supposed to mean? If he might not be a bullpen option anymore and you say he won't be sent down what does that make him? Razor Shines REPLACEMENT PERHAPS?!?! All I know is that if I were Jerry Manuel I would be looking over my shoulder to make sure that Omar isn't holding a hatchet when the west coast road trip comes, because I believe the Fire Jerry Manuel clock has reset itself, and as the saying goes - "Time flies".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     " This is getting to be ridiculous !!!"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the man who was the longest tenured coach in Mets history ( '68-81) Rube Walker is 84 (1926).Pitcher from the '94 season , Frank Seminara is 43 (1967) .Recently released backup catcher, Jerrod Riggan is 36(1974) .New York Mets released pitcher, Ralph Terry on May 16, 1967.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit, He is able to eat five dozen Quohogs in a single sitting !