Yesterday evening when I came home from work I had received the following letter in my email inbox.Dear Mets Fans:We have heard from many of you over recent weeks offering suggestions and ideas on how to assemble a winning team. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your interest and support of the Mets is greatly appreciated.We have been hard at work since the end of the season exploring ways to improve our club. As you likely know, this week we interviewed five candidates for General Manager - Allard Baird, Rick Hahn, Josh Byrnes, Sandy Alderson, and Logan White. They all are intelligent, creative and passionate about winning. They conveyed their honest assessment of our franchise and discussed how we can move forward on our pledge to give our fans the winner that they deserve.We are continuing our search and expect to hire our new GM in the next few weeks. We will be in contact with you with more information and details soon.Thanks again.Jeff WilponJeff WilponCOOI am flattered that Jeff  along with his father Fred and Uncle Saul felt that it was necessary to send out this email to many of us fans that are part of the Flushing Flash mailing list. But is it really necessary to keep us abreast with the search for a new general manager? Isn't that why we but newspapers and read blogs ? I think I can speak for many of the Mets fan base as I do with myself when we say  " JUST HIRE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB !!"  Ownership should care about getting a general manager who has a plan to pull this franchise out of the malaise that it has mired itself in, and allow him (or her) to execute it with very little input from ownership.Will the next GG.M be Alderson or White? Will it be Ng or Hahn? hopefully that will be resolved sooner or later so that ground work for the '11 season can be put in place as soon as the World Series has ended. So please Jeff, Fred, Saul - please devote your attention to more pressing matters than than trying to impress us fans with the fact that it looks like you are working hard. Remember ... Actions speak louder than words !!!And with that said ...HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :One time television voice of the Mets,Tim McCarver is 69(1941) . I always loved McCarver's style. He was unbiased, funny and gave great insight to the inner workings of the game. It is a shame that his the shell of the announcer that most of us knew and loved.Outfielder, Kevin McReynolds - " Mr. Warmth" himself is 51 today (1959) Kevin had some productive seasons with the Mets but he never embraced New York and the New York fans in return didn't embrace him.Middle reliever from the '99 team, Billy Taylor is 49 (1961). Taylor was acquired at the trade deadline for future elite reliever, Jason Isringhausen. He was brought in to shore up the Mets bullpen during the stretch run of the '99 pennant chase. But in 18 games and 13.1 innings for the Mets he went 0-1 with a e.r.a of 8.10. He was subsequently left off the Mets post season roster that year and was allowed to explore free agency when the season ended.Reserve outfielder from the '90 team, Darren Reed (1965)Middle Reliever from '93-'99, Josias Manzanillo is 43 today(1967).New York Mets soldthe contract of reserve outfielder, Don Bosch to the Montreal Expos on October 16, 1968.Middle reliever,Josias Manzanillo was granted free agency on October 16, 1995.Reliever, Don Florence was granted free agency on October 16, 1995. Mo Vaughn is so bored he has decieded to read " War and Peace " !!!!