Well my friends there are exactly three days left before we either see a very fruitful, a very mediocre or a extremely dismal season starts. But before the ceremonial first pitch is thrown, the final roster must be finalized. And from listening to Jerry Manuel speak you get the feeling that he is throwing darts at names and whoever that dart lands on will get the final roster spots.So far from what I can sense this will be how the opening day lineup will shake out.1. Centerfielder Angel Pagan2. Second baseman Luis Castillio3. Third baseman David Wright4. Left Fielder Jason Bay5. Right Fielder Jeff Francoeur6. First Baseman Mike Jacobs7. Shortstop Alex Cora8 Catcher Rob Barajas9 Pitcher Johan SantanaThe back up position players that we know that will definitely make the teamOF Gary Matthews Jr.Catcher Henry BlancoUtilityman Fernando Tatison the bubble - Frank Cattalano, Chris Carter, Ruben TejadaD.L - Daniel MurphyThe rest of the starting rotation will beJohn Maine, Jonathan Neise, Mike Pelfrey and Oliver PerezI believe that Jerry   will start the season with eight relievers in the pen , until Jose Reyes and comes back just to have extra insurance just in case the starting   rotation struggles.In my opinion the pen will be as followsLongman - Nelson FigueroaFernando NeiveSean GreenRyota IrigashiHisanori TakahasiPedro Felicianoset up man ( under my protest)  Jenrry MejiaCloser   Francisco RodriguezYou might ask if this a formidable roster and I would have to say that if the offense can score enough runs and both the starting rotation and the pen can keep us in the game we can tread water until Carlos Beltran gets back and hopefully Omar can obtain a front line starter that can take the pressure off Johan and the M.O.P'sLook I listen to the radio, watch the television and read the papers, I see and hear the  bile that is being spewed about my team, but when I hear the "naboobs of negativity" as my   friend   ( and favorite cheerleader) Kingman ( please stay positive my friend) would put it,  start jumping ship and demanding heads to roll before the season has yet to start. I feel that maybe we have become spoiled. You know what made us better than Yankee fans? The fact that we have been laughed and while many of our Met teams   from many a season languished in the cellar ! We have grown accustomed to instant gratification ! The we want to win now no matter the cost !! Well my friends I do for some strange reason have   a good premonition about this team - I may be wrong , it may be the Wild Turkey talking, but I am predicting 86-90 wins and a spot in the playoffs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In One word - " BELIEVE !!!"  And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday Al Weiss ! ( 1938) You were always considered a slick fielding , light hitting infielder , but you were the secret weapon of the '69 World Series, hitting  a pivotal  homerun off of Baltimore pitcher Dave McNally  !     Utility player from '81-'82 Mike Howard is 52 today ( 1958)  Sadly on this date in 1972, the soul of the Mets - Gil Hodges passes away from a heart attack.New York Metssigned free agent   utility infielder, Phil Linz  on April 2, 1968.New York Mets traded  utility-man, Tom Veryzer  to the Chicago Cubs  for pitchers Craig Weissman and Bob Schilling on April 2, 1983.New York Mets traded shortstop Jose Oquendo and pitcher Mark Jackson Davis  to the St Louis Cardinals for  pitcher John Young  and  infielder Argenis Salazar  on April 2, 1985.New York Mets traded  middle reliever Doug Simons  to the Montreal Expos for outfielder Rob Katzaroff on April 2, 1992.New York Metstraded pitcher Matt Ginter to the Detroit Tigers for  pitching prospect, Steve Colyer on April 2, 2005.And don't forget there are just 3 Bud Harrelson Days until Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.