First off I want to give a tip of my hat to both R.A Dickey for pitching one hell of a game last night. Yes it was against the Pirates - bottom feeders of the N.L. Central. But hey at this point of the season in order to finish the year at .500 every win counts . Kudos also go out to the often maligned Carlos Beltran for driving in three of the Mets nine runs . After all the name calling and booing he has received of late he could have just mailed the rest of the season in , but he looks like he is playing all out .Okay now that the pleasantries have been dispensed, if I could sum this season up in a movie, it would be Spinal Tap. Think about it Just like in the movie the Mets start off their season on a positive note ( Johan Santana getting the win on Opening Day) where as Spinal Tap are doing their first show in the United States in years. And as we all know it went with the exception of a few hot streaks downhill from there. Both entities suffered from poor management - Jerry Manuel for the Mets Ian Faith for the Tap. Both groups got lousy support from their bosses - Fred and Jeff Wilpon for the Mets , Record company owner Sir Denis Eton-Hogg for Spinal Tap. And in the end both groups are reduced to playing in front of what seems to be a few hundred people ( okay , okay a few thousand for the Mets - I am allowed a little artistic liberty !)The only difference is that the Mets didn't have second billing to a puppet show , and instead of a drummer exploding the Mets had Francisco Rodriguez !Lets face the facts . This team is not as bad as last year, it's not as bad as the Art Howe era nor are they as dreadful as the death-roll that was the late '70's - early '80's. No this team has many talented players, but they are surrounded by mediocrity ! This is a team that if properly motivated could have won upwards of 90 games in my opinion. But unfortunately when the General Manager and ownership only one impact player this off-season (Bay) and insulates the talent with subpar additions (Jacobs, Matthews Jr.Tatis etc) it is no wonder why the Mets are in the position that they are now.That's why Fred and Jeff Wilpon have to reevaluate the way this team is run - from the front office to the day to day field operations to how they develop their own talent because it is becoming more and more obvious that they have once again become the butt of many a joke . And when you see Citi Field as empty as it has been the past few nights - It is not funny at all !!! And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Today would have been the7 3rd birthday for Mets utility-man, Charley Smith (1937) .He played for the Mets from '64-'65.Brooklyn's own John Pacella is 54 (1956).Japanese pitching import, Satoru Komiyama is 45 (1965).Middle reliever for the '91 team,Doug Simons is 44 (1966).Reserve infielder for the Mets in '96 and '97, Jason Hardtke is 39 (1971) .New York Mets traded minor league pitchers,Shane Young and Jeff Richardson to the California Angels for John " The Candy Man" Candelaria on September 15, 1987. Unfortunately Candeleria was not effective in his brief stint with the Mets and was gone shortly after the season ended.Mo Vaughn is the only reason that The Catch of the Day is still open these days !And remember there are just Mets tragic number is 5 and their magic number is 17 . That's right 17 more games until Jerry Manuel is relieved of his duties as Mets manager !