I am sorry to announce the passing of a member of the Mets family. Jane Jarvis , the long time Shea Stadium organist has died at the age of 94. Jane was a fixture at Shea Stadium from 1964 to 1979, Her repertoire included music that that mixed jazz staples like Charlie Parker’s "Scrapple From the Apple" with more more traditional fare such as "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Meet the Mets." My earliest memory of hearing Jane was in '76. I believe it was was a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, andI just remember this beautiful music - I was too young to know who the piece by or who performed it , but I remember dancing to it like a little loon. Although Jane hadn't worked for the Mets in about thirty years, there are many fans that begged, pleaded and hoped that the Mets would bring back organ music - instead of the loud disjointed fan participation crap that they do now. But I noticed ( maybe it was to throw us fans a bone) That about an hour and a half before game time there is canned organ music played. Jane Jarvis you will be missed ! Thanks goes out to Shannon Shark of Mets Police for the tip.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           " Shea"ing goodbye to a longtime friend to the Mets Family"  And   now .. HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!        Happy Birthday wishes go out to an original Met - the late Charley Neal ( 1931).  Possibly the best manager the Mets ever had - Davey Johnson is 67 (1943) .  Happy Birthday   wishes go out to the unfortunate " odd man outfielder" Nick Evans (1986) . Hopefully Nick can playhimself   onto the roster this off season.New York Mets signed free agent catcher , Joe Ginsberg on January 30, 1962.This is a day that always makes our beloved Kingman26 cry .New York Mets released outfielder/  Mets legend ,  Dave "Sky King" Kingman on January 30, 1984.   Dave went on to play 5 more seasons before calling it a career.New York Mets signed free agent utility infielder John Valentin on January 30, 2002.The Toronto Blue Jays  signed starting pitcher, Victor Zambrano of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 30, 2007.   Toronto I guess also thought they could also " fix him in 15" minutes like then pitching coach Rick Petersen allegedly boasted. Obviously they were also wrong !New York Metssigned free agent catcher  Robinson " The Human Speed Bump" Cancel on January 30, 2007.  I made an error yesterday - on February second will mark the two year anniversary of the completion of the Johan Santana deal. - SO SHOOT ME !! I'M NOT PERFECT !!!And don't forget while you are poring over Josh Fogg's WAR stats - There are only 65 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.