First off I would like to congratulate Rex Ryan and his New York Jets on their dominating performance of the Cincinnati Bengals last night. Hopefully this will quiet alot of the talking heads that were claiming that the Bengals were not trying very hard the week before and would spank our Jets. Do I believe the jets will actually get to the Super Bowl let alone win it ? Honestly I highly doubt it - but many people dismissed the '07 Giants , and look what happened.I have a question. Did you have a player that the Mets acquired via a trade, free agency or even through the rule five draft that you wanted to see succeed even though this player might have seen better days , was a career journeyman or was not a prospect for his previous team ? Well for me that player was second baseman Carlos Baerga. The Mets obtained Baerga in July of '95, when we traded malcontent second baseman Jeff Kent and "Jack of all trades" utilityman Jose Vizcaino to the Cleveland Indians. Baerga was in the middle of a down season and I guess then G.M. - Steve Phillips felt all that he a needed a change of scenery. So Phillips took on the remaining three years of Baerga's salary and was immediately installed as the everyday second baseman on a rather anemic Mets team. I being the optimistic Mets fan that I am had pie in the sky dreams that this one time offensive threat would return to his glory days once he donned a Mets uniform, and I rooted for him hard whether it when he stepped up to the plate or a screaming line drive was heading his way. Sadly my optimism ( as it usualy does) couldn't help Carlos produce. In his three years with the Mets his line was in 306 games he sported a batting average of .267 with 18 home runs and 116 R.B.I's.He put Fernado Tatis to shame when he led the '98 Mets in grounding into double plays with 21. Once his contract was up in '98 the Mets immediately granted him his freedom and he went on to play in parts of seven more seasons, never coming close to re-obtaining the magic that he had flashed in his hey day with the Indians. So now I ask you who was your favorite player that never made it with he Mets?                                                                                                                                                                     Mets acquire Carlos Baerga ...                                                                                                                           " What faded star or scrub did you root hard for?"And now on with the INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to outfielder from the '90-'91 teams, Kelvin Torve (1960) Torve will always be known in Mets lore as the only person - other than Rickey Henderson to be allowed to wear Willie Mays' number 24. Here's a little background for you people too young to remember, after the '73 season had ended, Willie Mays had retired as a Met and then Mets owner, the Late Joan Payson unofficially retired Mays number. But somehow someone seemed to forget and issued Torve that jersey.Power hitting outfielder (before he came to the Mets that is) , Jim Lindeman turns 48 today (1962) .Utility infielder, Mario Diaz is also 48 today (1962) .One time touted Mets prospect,Kevin Baez is 43 today (1967) . He is better known as being one of the players traded to the Baltimore Orioles for David Segui in '94New York Mets signed free agent back up catcher, Mike Bishop on January 10, 1983.Houston Astros signed utility infielder, Bill Spiers of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 10, 1996.Colorado Rockies signed relief pitcher, Rick White of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 10, 2002. I always liked Rick White , he reminded me of a thinner, less talented David Wells.New York Mets signed free agent utility infielder Miguel Cairo of the New York Yankees on January 10, 2005. Cairo was a solid back up for the Mets. He was wayyy better than Shane Spencer and Karim Garcia !!And while you are braving the cold, don't forget that there are only 85 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.