Good Morning Boys and girls, If you don't know the score from last nights game let me spare you the agony of reading it in any of the New York s ports periodicals - WE LOST !!! So its time for the " so much for momentum " edition of " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty". So lets get on with it .First off a Happy Birthday to the reclamation project who couldn't be reclaimed, former Cincinatti Reds starter Danny Graves is 36 (1973) .Also one year older is former Mets relief pitching prospect (oxymoron) and current Pittsburgh Pirate -Tyler " Master" Yates (1977)New York Mets traded Frank Thomas to the Philadelphia Phillies fora bag of balles (  Gary Kroll and Wayne Graham) on August 7, 1964.Also onthis day in infamy the New York Mets released George " stI didn't run after that ball cuz I was conserving my strength for hitting " Foster on August 7, 1986. - I had the bad luck of meeting him a week before he was released and he was one of the most miserable bastards I had ever met ( I'll relate that story another time).New York Mets released New York Yankee scum Shane " I GOT YOUR PIZZIA RIGHT HERE !!" Spencer on August 7, 2004.New York Mets claimed Yankee scum Ricky Ledee on waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 7, 2006.Lastly Mo Vaughn is still drinking his Hennessey trying to forget last nights Mets and Boston Red Sox games.and lastly - Congrats to Mike Pelfry on the birth of his first child - and as it was said in the Godfather " May your first born son be a strong one"