I know right now you probably wonder what a code 99 is. Well I work security at a hospital, and a code 99 refers to when a patient is going through some kind of arrest - whether it is cardiac or respiratory or even a stroke. Well last night against the Yankees, Jerry Manuel's strategy almost sent me to the E.R. because I was on the cusp of suffering from all three of the aforementioned ailments !I mean how can you justify putting Raul Valdes - the man who has not pitched in over a week and when he did he was rocked - into the ninth inning with a four run lead against the Skankees ( a team known for their late inning heroics) ! So after Valdes proves to be ineffective our closer Francisco " They call me Mr. Tums " Rodriguez does his best to really scare us Mets fans to death by walking the tying run to load the bases before coming back to retire the next to batters for our ninth consecutive win !!! David Wright, Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan were the main catalysts in last nights win , but all the credit should go to Hisanori Takahashifor his total shutdown of the Yankees bats and Pedro Feliciano for showing why he is the most overlooked reliever is baseball !I'll tell you this, even when John Maine comes back healthy, I can't see him reclaiming his spot in the rotation from the Takachop . In his rehab start in Buffalo, Maine went 4 1/3 throwing 88 pitcher ( 50 for strikes) giving up a couple of hits and a unearned run. His fastball once again topped out at 88 m.p.h , so in other words it's the John Maine we've seen for the last three years.I feel Maine will be put into middle relief and hopefully he should thrive in that role. If not I wouldn't think it would be far fetched if he was either released mid season or dealt in a minor trade. Either way I think for now Takahashi is our fifth starter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       "Don't you just love it when Yankee fans cry !!!"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :Pitcher from the '65 team,Larry Miller is 73 (1937) .Third baseman from the '71 team, Bob " Aspro" Aspromonte is 72 (1938) .Pitcher,Bob Gibson - no not that Bob Gibson ! is 53 (1957) .Doug Mientkiewicz, the all glove no bat first baseman from '05 is 36 (1974) .Pitcher Bruce " The original Ollie Perez" Chen is 33 (1977) . The man possessed alot of talent, but he just could never channel it to his advantage.Starter/ reliever from the '08 season, Claudio Vargas is 32(1978) He pitched decently for the Mets until he suffered a injury, and when he came back he was ineffective at best in a primary role in the bullpen.New York Mets released pitcher,Gary Gentry on June 19, 1975. It was a shame. Gentry was released by the Braves the month prior and the Mets re-signed him ( he was part of that dominant rotation in '69), But he never did pitch for the Mets that season.New York Mets traded minor league pitcher, Brian Givens to the Seattle Mariners for pitcher,Mario Diaz on June 19, 1990.Mo Vaughn was sighted at the game at Yankee Stadium last night. He didn't want to be recognized by he Yankee fans, so he went incognito as the batters eye in center field!Mike Pelfrey goes today for what will sure be a pitchers duel against Phil Hughes. SO LETS MAKE IT TWO STRAIGHT AND THAKE THE SERIES FROM THE YANKMEES !!