First off I would like to thank you guys for your kind words during these last 48 hours of my wife and my life. My father in-law is improving thankfully and the doctor feels that in time my father in law will have use of his good hand ( he suffered a massive stroke almost ten years ago). With that said It is still rather quiet on the Mets hot stove, but I read an article that Bob Klappish had published on, where he pretty much said that in his opinion because of the past few years of mismanagement of the front office ( over paying for free agents, not going over slot in the amateur draft ) and the Bernie Madoff fiasco, it would take more than one or two more seasons to get this team back on a successful track. I disagree with some of Klappish's points about taking so much time to fielding a winning team. I feel that we had to overpay for the services of players such as Martinez, Beltran and Wagner because both ownership and the front office needed to prove to the fan base that they were willing to go after the big names to become competitive again - and it worked. Granted Omar Minaya started to dole out some atrocious contracts on some past their prime players ( see Moises Alou, Luis Castillio etc) and for the exception for a few players playing above rookie ball, our farm team is middle of the pack at best. But I sincerely feel the if Jose Reyes , Johan Santana and the other members of the walking wounded come back healthy , and we sign or trade for a top flight starter and outfielder ( if Delgado proves to be healthy I'd risk a one year incentive laden contract on him - could you imagine him, Wright, Beltran, Frenchy and Holliday in this lineup??!) we should be back at the top of the standings !  amd_jeff-wilpon-228x300.jpg"Is M. Donald Grant   your idol ?"                                                                                                                                                                Anyway here comes the INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the manager who succeeded Casey Stengel after the "Old Perfesser" was forced to retire before the '64 season - Wes Westrum (1922)Starting pitcher for the '02 team - Pedro Astacio turns 40 today (1969) .Middle reliever - José Parra is 37 (1972) .On this date in '98 rightfully maligned former president ( and phantom G.M. ) M. Donald Grant passed away. Note to Jeff Wilpon , those who forget about the past are doomed to repeat it !Mets drafted Amos Otis from the Boston Red Sox on November 28, 1966. Unfortunately four years later they would trade this power hitting rookie outfielder to the Kansas City Royals for Joy Foy ! - OH The INFAMY !!New York Mets traded pitchers , Juan Castillo and Todd Beckerman to the Houston Astros for starter Pete Harnisch on November 28, 1994. Harnisch pitched pretty well for the Mets in his limited time with the team until he contracted Lyme Disease and was put out of commission for most of the '96 season. It was also well known that he and Bobby Valentine didn't see eye to eye and Harnisch was gone by the '97 season.New York Mets purchased reliever, Brian Stokes from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on November 28, 2007. It is safe to say that he was one of the bright spots of the bullpen these last two seasons.And remember while you eat your left over turkey - There are slow moving more 128 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.