I don't care who wins the Super Bowl as long as it's not the Philadelphia Eagles-  I hate their team and their stadium.  I'd rather see any team in the NFL win the Super Bowl-and yes that includes the Dallas Cowboys.So watching the entire Philly fan base go silent last night when their beloved Eagles went limp in the first round of the playoffs was absolutely priceless.  Isn't a shame?  They were so close!  Don't you feel bad for the them?  They had the storybook comeback in Micheal Vick and the liberty of playing in front of their hometown crowd, which at any second could break out and boo their own mothers, and they couldn't come through. They were right there too, it came down to one play or at least 2 missed 3 point kicks and they spit the bit, choked, came up short, screwed the pooch.  (oh, sorry to all the K-9 owners out there, that was a bad pun.)Geez, it's like their never going to win the Super Bowl.I think I'll have a couple of Philly Cheese-steaks tonight in effigy.It's the least I could do until baseball season starts.